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  1. Admin 0A

    Font Colour

    The current theme is now the default theme. Far easier to do and (hopefully!) future proof.
  2. Admin 0A


    The board has had a software update. The Vivid greens are something that has 'self-changed' as a side effect of the upgrade. Working to get the providers to fix it. Thoroughly frustrating. Bear with!
  3. Admin 0A

    Font Colour

    Just sent the request.
  4. Admin 0A

    The New format site - problem

    Blimey. Or, more logically: Stay on the actual UKV page. Look top right at the bell (the notification symbol). Click on it. Then Adjust notification settings (top right in the box that popped up when you clicked the bell, next to the cog symbol, the words 'notification settings') (It's been a long and fraught 24hrs since the enforced software upgrade, but I just taught myself that in about 3 seconds, from a standing start, with no prior knowledge - because this is all new to me too - by anticipating that there would be a simple solution built in and opening my eyes to look for it, seeing a bell and thinking 'what could a bell possibly indicate?' then hovering my mouse over it to see,what happens, and then seeing the word 'notifications' popping up to tell me exactly what it does. From that point, it was pure rocket science: I clicked on the bell to see what it did. )
  5. Admin 0A

    The New format site - problem

    Part of the enforced software change is that user names have ceased to exist. Log in with your display name. Sorry, but there it is.
  6. Well, they call it an 'upgrade' not a reset, but it will destroy the look of the board for a while, and UKV will not look like UKV for that time- but all the content etc will remain. The 'upgrade' is being forced upon us by the software/service provider as they migrate all their services 'into the cloud'. We would not be choosing the change were it not mandatory. One point to note: Currently we all have a username as well as a display name. After the reset, we will be displayname only - the usernames will evaporate. I imagine that will affect some people's log in, so either take a moment to make them the same now, or wait to see how the system handles your login after the change!
  7. Just about to upgrade the board's software - the upgrade will destroy UKV's 'look' for a while. Bear with us!
  8. Admin 0A

    300yds mcqueens

    UKV is the place for informed precision rifle discussion, not the low-bandwidth and unamusing 'banter' nonsense that seems to make up most of this page. If you must, please conduct such interaction elsewhere on the internet and not on UKV. No more here, please. Thread locked.
  9. Admin 0A

    New WT1 Thermal Rifle Scopes

    Gentlemen, Something odd is going on in this thread, and it's all about rather disrespectful and rude behaviour that does not live up to UKV's first principle. Several posts have been hidden. 1 member has left UKV. Please: No more obviously trolling questions. No more answering questions 'on Clive's behalf', unless you have his explicit permission to speak for him.
  10. Admin 0A

    UKV offline

    Fast for me. Anyone else?
  11. Admin 0A

    Private Messaging

  12. Admin 0A

    Private Messaging

    Sometimes 'board software says no' for no apparent reason. Should be working now.
  13. NEW ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL UK SERVICE CENTRE, VALKYRIE RIFLES Accuracy International are pleased to announce that following in-depth factory training, Yorkshire based Valkyrie Rifles has been appointed the UK’s first Accuracy International Approved Service Centre. Run by gunsmith and medal winning marksman, David Wylde, the company has fully equipped facilities to provide law enforcement and civilian users with factory standard spares, service, and repair for all Accuracy International rifles. http://www.valkyrierifles.net
  14. Admin 0A

    Sales access Mods

    Gaz, I'm guessing you have a new computer or something causing all these problems - there are no automated blocks on the private for sale section.
  15. Admin 0A

    Who keeps deleting my posts

    If you post something and it gets deleted, and that leads you to decide to repost it, and then it gets deleted again, and after that you decide to repost it yet again, and that cycle keeps happening: every time it gets deleted, you still think 'I'll try posting it again'...... Well, here's some reading on Pavlovian Conditioning: http://www.learning-theories.com/classical-conditioning-pavlov.html And here's some on learning curves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_curve

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