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  1. Si-Snipe


    Thanks Glen. It’s a perfect medium range vermin or target rifle. The 77gr TMK shoot very well in this barrel. I have another rifle to do the same job otherwise I’d keep it.
  2. 22BR Semi-custom buildHOWA 1500 actionGRS Beserk stockRifle Basix triggerPicatinny railTactical bolt knobSassen 8T barrel 26” heavy profile Cerakoted action and barrelRound count: 400Superb condition.2 loads developed: 77TMK RL15 and 55SBK N140Wildcat P12 included (not scope or bipod)£975
  3. The PSR version is what Steve is referring to.
  4. Si-Snipe

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    22-250, 243 and other hot cartridges are great for vermin in that they are flat shooting but if you have lots of vermin to get through those cartridges are not suitable choices. They’ll be in for re-barreling too often. Unless you have no financial constraints and a spare rifle to switch to whilst it’s being re-barrelled this could be an issue. My .223 accounted for triple figure vermin and a bit of plinking over a 2 year period and it was one of 3 rifles so it’s a personal choice as to what’s most suitable. Comsider the quantity of shooting you will be doing and then; cost of reloads, barrel life, time away with a rifle builder for re-barrelling and frequency before making your choice.
  5. All yours. I’ll PM you payment details and total.
  6. 140 6.5mm Amax for sale. 2 full boxes of same batch plus 3 part used boxes which contain 96, 65, and 65. Unopened - £40/Box 96 - £38 65 - £22 Plus postage on above prices
  7. I have for sale an unused BAT model M action. .308 size bolt face so will be ideal for many different cartridges: .22-250, 22BR, 6BR, .243, 6.5x47, .308 etc. It was bought for a project I didn’t end up running with. It is an absolutely stunning, super-slick action that anyone would be proud to own. £1295
  8. Si-Snipe

    hornady eld match

    I cross-sectioned a 140 Amax and a 140 ELD M and 130 TMK respectively. You can see the ELD M has a narrower gap between the copper jacket at the tip insertion point. I imagined that this caused the jacket to sometimes fold in rather than outwards creating a through and through impact/exit scenario on small quarry. Note the HUGE tip insertion diameter in the TMK. They expand very violently.
  9. Si-Snipe

    hornady eld match

    My findings are the 140 gr ELD M does not expand reliably on vermin yet the 147 ELD M does. It makes little sense but that is exactly what I have found. I also share this experience with a couple of my friends who have experuenced the same.
  10. Si-Snipe

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    No worries. ?
  11. Si-Snipe

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    Did you round to trying them? I’ve got some arriving tomorrow so will report my findings after load development and use on vermin.

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