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  1. Rifle now sold to Graham (Geedubya357).
  2. Roger that Graham. If you PM me your email address I can send you detailed photographs. Regards Simon.
  3. Hi man. Picatinny rail is included. It’s a TIER ONE 20MOA. I do have someone very interested at the moment and I promised him first refusal. I’ll let you know what happens. Regards Si
  4. For sale I have my trusty .223. Here are the specs: Tikka 595 .223 22” Bartlein 7 twist McMillan A5 fully pillar bedded Fluted bolt with carbon bolt knob Tuned trigger 5 shot mag modified for heavy-for-calibre bullets which accommodates 77TMK seated for optimum case capacity Round count approx 2500 Full Load data provided for Sierra 77TMK £1000
  5. Si-Snipe

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    I used them for vermin shooting last year. They were accurate enough for field work but they didn’t shoot as well as Amax. The terminal performance on vermin was very impressive.
  6. Are the Hornady all the same batch?
  7. Si-Snipe

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    If it’s simply a fox shooting load I’d just go 95gr VMAX. I’ve used 140 Amax extensively to control vermin but now we only have ELD-M or X. The M is a little too hard for small vermin and I also know that there’s a higher potential for runners when shooting foxes with them based on an experience a guy I know had with them. From what I’ve seen and with my intention to kill outright I’d be running the 95gr Vmax or similar.
  8. Hi. I’ll take the RCBS vernier ball micrometer please. Regards Simon
  9. Yes that will do it. 👍🏽
  10. Hey man No obvious ejector stamps. My Barnard SM action often leaves light marks even with 85% 6.5x47 loads that I’m currently using. I checked 20 cases and this was the most obvious. All the rest had no obvious marks.
  11. As title. 3 x fired 97 cases Neck turned (enough only to uniform), primer pockets uniformed , cleaned. AMP annealed £59 posted.
  12. His post states mil dot ret Leeroy.
  13. Si-Snipe

    77GR TMK's for Varminting?

    Very. Check out my YouTube vid using them to cull rabbits. Just type in '77gr TMK vermin'.
  14. Sorry guys they sold earlier today and due to being out shooting.
  15. 20 Prac is sold so I have an unopened box of these for sale. £25 posted.

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