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  1. Hi. I’ll take the RCBS vernier ball micrometer please. Regards Simon
  2. Yes that will do it. 👍🏽
  3. Hey man No obvious ejector stamps. My Barnard SM action often leaves light marks even with 85% 6.5x47 loads that I’m currently using. I checked 20 cases and this was the most obvious. All the rest had no obvious marks.
  4. As title. 3 x fired 97 cases Neck turned (enough only to uniform), primer pockets uniformed , cleaned. AMP annealed £59 posted.
  5. His post states mil dot ret Leeroy.
  6. 77GR TMK's for Varminting?

    Very. Check out my YouTube vid using them to cull rabbits. Just type in '77gr TMK vermin'.
  7. Sorry guys they sold earlier today and due to being out shooting.
  8. 20 Prac is sold so I have an unopened box of these for sale. £25 posted.
  9. No worries. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. That is a shame for you. Time wise it's so much easier to throw items on for sale most of the time.
  11. They are still for sale so yours if you want them. Orka took the loose bullets.
  12. ALL SOLD 2 unopened boxes plus 40 in an open box. All the same LOT: 2140943 An assortment of pulled 140 Amax bullets. 70-73 approx. Different batch to the above. £40 each plus post for the full boxes. £15 plus post for the 40. £15 plus post for the 70 x pulled loose bullets Regards Si
  13. Chris moving the scope closer to the barrel will not help with the issue you are having.
  14. Anyone know where I could get a sporter front bag for my Seb mini? Cheers Si

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