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  1. force64

    Ammo Wallets

    Do a search on amazon for this. TOURBON Camouflage Rifle Cartridge Holder With Belt Loop Ammo Shell Pouch, Cant be beaten for price.
  2. force64

    MDT ESS chassis for Remington SA

    I have an MDT Light Sniper System (LSS) Chassis going spare. If interested pm me your email address and i'll send some pics over. Andy
  3. Hi. After the above please as none of usual retailers have one in stock. Thanks, Andy
  4. force64

    7mm-08 Brass wanted.

    I have some after my rebarrel from 7mm-08 to 6.5 creedmore. Will look them out and see how many at the weekend. Andy
  5. force64


    have about 150 spare 155gr 30cal amax. Andy
  6. force64


    I may have some Amax and will look when back home this evening. Andy
  7. I'll take this please Andy
  8. I have a staffordshire synthetic stocks custom thumb hole sporter stock - carbon fibre with kevlar devcon and pillar bedding for a remington 700 SA and suitable for heavy varmint barrel. I couldn't get on with it as had to have thumb up position which I don’t like. Would be interested in a swap. Andy
  9. No longer have a need for this as sold my long range target rifle and the max distance will do now is 600 yards so this is overkill. It is in very good condition and looking for £1,500 for the scope on its own. The tier one 20MOA mount it is shown with is available for £150. I have the original box and paperwork. 1/4 MOA and sport fine reticle. Additional photos can be supplied.
  10. force64

    20BR Load development

    My current stock of home loaded 32 gn vmax coming to and end and with no more Varget it was time to do some more load testing. I sourced some 39gn sierra blitzking to try in addition to the usual 32gn vmax. Loaded 5 x 4 rounds of the 32gn vmax with N135 starting at 28.0gn increasing in 0.5 stages up to 30.0gn. Then I loaded 5 x 4 rounds of the 39gn blitzking with N140 starting at 27.5gn increasing in 0.5 stages up to 29.5gn. Both sets loaded 20thou off lands. Targets set at 100 yards. Drove down to farm and despite it being rather windy (20mph gusts) and with the rifle on mounted on the Landy bonnet I achieved the following which showed a very significant liking to the Blitzking. 32gn Vmax and N135 39gn Blitzking and N140 28.0gn 1.024" 27.5gn 0.835" 28.5gn 1.466" 28.0gn 0.633" 29.0gn 1.181" 28.5gn 0.548" 29.5gn 1.033" 29.0gn 0.448" 30.0gn 1.180" 29.5gn 0.523" Needless to say will reload a few more of the 39gn Blitzking with 29.0gn of the N140. Picture of best group and set up below.
  11. Or you could try these custom covers https://coletac.eu/collections/suppressor-covers Andy
  12. force64

    Phoenix Precision Bi-Pod

    Yes I have one

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