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  1. 247sniper

    Tempilaq 750 Wanted

    I get mine from here. Fantastic service and quick delivery. http://www.waltersandwalters.co.uk/tempil-tempilaq-liquid Hope this helps. Steve
  2. 247sniper

    Is the forum broken?

    Same here, and also forum does not load.
  3. 247sniper

    .204 Predator

    Im Wanting to get something like this built for myself hence the interest.
  4. 247sniper

    77Grain Sierra Tipped Match Kings.

    Pm me bro. I can sort you
  5. 247sniper

    .204 Predator

    Out of interest what sort of price would this set up be with out the scope? Looks sweet.
  6. Thought id share my knife sharpening technique with you guys. I use the Wicked Edge system to sharpen all my blades. Here I have touched up my Spyderco PM2 with the super steel CPM S30V. This and most off my knives I sharpen at 15 dps (degrees per side) and polish though all the various stages down to a mirror polished finish of 3.5 microns. This gives the knife(s) a beautifully aesthetically pleasing push cutting Finnish. Then I widen the angle to 20 dps and a a 1000 grit micro bevel. This gives the edge a wicked sharp set of razor sharp teeth that is awesome for fibrous materials like, rope, cardboard, zip ties, plastics, wood and skinning animals etc. The 20 dps also provides long lasting durability. The micro bevel is invisible tonthe human eye, the picture is through a 60x jewlers loop. A combination of primary mirror polished bevels combined with a toothy micro bevel and a super steel like S30V this edge is razor sharp and will last an age. It shaves hair, paper, rope, zip ties and anything eles you wish to cut. Hope this has been off interest to you guys. Steve.
  7. 247sniper

    Amax Expansion.

    Bloody phone is a nightmare!
  8. 247sniper

    Amax Expansion.

    Yes. Comparing it too my 204 it is not explosive. Sometimes with the Amax i get massive impact damage and sometimes just a small caliber sized entry hole with a small orange sized exit hole. Like you say, a slower controled expantion subject to what it hits on impact whether it be flesh or bone etc
  9. 247sniper

    Amax Expansion.

    Your very welcome. Id like to try the new ELD range. However having several thousand of the original Amax i probably wont bother. These should see this barrel on its way regarding optimum performance. Steve
  10. 247sniper

    Amax Expansion.

    Do Amax bullets expanded. Well here is the answer. Shooting some rabbits for farmer last week, nothing to far, between 240 and 550 yards with my custom 223Ackley Improved shooting the 80 grain Amax. This bullet jacket was inbedded and taken from the ground directly behind a rabbit I shot at 550 yards. The photo of the rabbit was quite graphic so I wont post that but here is the jacket to demonstrate bullet fragmentation/expantion.
  11. 247sniper

    which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    204 i just love
  12. 247sniper

    Scope on a budget

    Hawke side winder 30 mate.
  13. How much for just the scope mate?
  14. 247sniper

    17 Hornet - Who . . .

    Hi David, My mate has just got a .17 Hornet. We set the rifle up shooting some facory loads and running the barrel in etc, keeping hold of the fireformed brass etc fro reloading. We have just started to load developement for the rifle, all I can say is using the 25 grain Vmax and LIlgun powder it is looking very promising and using only 8 - 9.6 grains of powder. We shall be doing extensive load testing this week end if the weather forecast is correct. Looks like its going to be a nice little efficient cartridge. Steve

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