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  1. 4 boxes of 100 for sale 45 posted per box
  2. sussexsteve

    New T-Ceptor Thermal Rifle Scopes

    sent via PM
  3. sussexsteve

    New T-Ceptor Thermal Rifle Scopes

    call his mobile I find is best
  4. excellent condition comes with box and bikini covers £500 posted
  5. sussexsteve

    WANTED .224 (1455) 55gn Sierra Blitz King

    I have 200 here £34 a box
  6. Im not sure the Thermion will be a step up or even sideways from the WT1 75-3..good luck with the sale I have one myself love it!
  7. sussexsteve

    Pulsar nv455

    I had a look at IWA not impressed thought the Yukon sightline n475 was better
  8. sussexsteve

    Wanted. 300 WinMag brass and dies.

    I have nosler brass here 100 most never been fired
  9. Beautiful rifle sat in the cupboard. Bought new with ase sound moderator and picatinny rail shot less than 200 rounds price £1500
  10. sussexsteve

    308 Lapua Brass

    I have new I could do you a good price on
  11. sussexsteve

    Fox saw my ir

    foxes see any IR wether its a laser or led. I think they take more notice if the light tracks them, they are in another foxes territory or have been lamped. Of course they could just be a bit smarter than your average fox 😁
  12. And me please info@sgarms.co.uk
  13. Decided to sell this 7mm SAUM as I am moving back to Blaser.. Rifle bought off here a month or 2 back and about 35 loaded rounds put through it.. Borden action 26" barrel jewel trigger 3 shot mag MAE moderator nosler brass Price 2200

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