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  1. where can I find the windows emulation software please ?
  2. sussexsteve


    not anymore Matt
  3. anyone know if it can go on a MacBook?
  4. sussexsteve

    Double rifle sling

    I've got these
  5. sussexsteve


    can admin contact me about advertising on here please
  6. sussexsteve

    RPA Hunter

    non thumbhole version send me your email
  7. Selling one of my RPA rifles not getting used much. Hunter stock coated OD green in 243. Shoots superb under 500 rounds. Comes with 30mm bases and rings. Looking for £1200
  8. Think it’s sold I spoke to him 2/3 weeks ago
  9. sussexsteve

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Look at the wt1 75-3 which is Clive’s offering if your near him before you order the pulsar
  10. sussexsteve

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I had the trail xp38 for 2 weeks I sold it and bought the Ward. My mate uses the xp50. The ward is in a different league !
  11. sussexsteve

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Yes the Ward WT1 75-3 is the only thermal scope in my opinion. Its so good I sold my drone pro. Had pulsar and looked through ATN neither meets my expectations

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