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  1. Here I have for sale a rcbs RS single stage press Press is in good condition and working excellent Has auto priming arm so can recap and reload primers in one simple Action £100 + postage
  2. weatherflow wind reader for i-phone

    Hi I have a one I might sell , bought it brand new but haven't used it £55 posted
  3. Will post off in the morning
  4. RCBS press wanted

    Hi I am after a rcbs press must have removable bushing to accept lock and load conversation
  5. 1" 1/4 unf tap 1" 1/4 x12 tpi

    Hi I am after the above to buy or even lend, I am willing to pay for the use of the tap plus postage ,
  6. Hi is the AI 5 round mag SFS
  7. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I use 120 gr nosler BT With rs50 / 37.6 in my 6.5x47L 20 in barrel
  8. Yes if you pay for the postage Send me your postal address and I will get a quote
  9. RCBS RS press single stage

    Will a hornady lnl quick release die conversation kit Fit a rcbs RS 7/8 X 14 thread, or can I get a adapter to fit 1 x14 X 12 thread
  10. Hi for sale is my Lee reloading press single stage ,it is in Very good condition , it has a spent primer catch tray , only selling as I have upgraded £50 + postage
  11. Hi I am after a RCBS small primer plug and spring for a auto primer , If anyone has one they don't use
  12. New toy

    Thanks Alan, really pleased with the excellent work you did mate , Weather permitting off out in the morning to try some loads , will keep you updated pal😋
  13. New toy

    Here are some pics of my tikka T3 which I have had rebarelled in 6.5x 47L it has a sassen 1-8 ,20 inch varmint barrel fitted onto a GRS BERSERK stock'and inlet for AI mag and bottom metal, fitted with a nxs 56 mm scope all the work has been carried out by big AL, off this site who I can strongly recommend for his work and attention to detail, and his help , many thanks Alan, pleasure to meet you and thanks mate , just finished breaking the barrel in, and now the start of the load development, rifle is for deer / foxing 😁

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