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  1. shotgunner

    Wanted wet tumbler

    Hi I am after a wet tumbler for cleaning used brass w.h.y. Pm me
  2. shotgunner

    Wanted km habour press

    Still looking
  3. shotgunner

    Wanted km habour press

    K&M habour press pm me
  4. shotgunner

    Wanted kydex adjustable cheek rest

    As above wanted on the off chance anyone is selling Adjustable rifle cheek rest Please pm me
  5. shotgunner

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    I second 120 gr nosler bt excellent replacement
  6. shotgunner

    K&M Arbor press

    Cheers pal
  7. shotgunner

    K&M Arbor press

    Second refusal please
  8. Tier one 30mm med mounts boxed £65. 4. Screw. Sold Third eye 30mm med mounts £60 4. Screw sold Opti lock. 30 mm med rings £40 IOR 34 mm med scope rings £30 12-27 " genuine Harris bipod with bag and paperwork £50 Warne fixed 25lb tourgh wrench £25 Scope covers £5 each Pm me for more info
  9. shotgunner

    Monkey Clamps

    Hi could you send me details of the clamp please to holo100@my-inbox.net And would it fit on promos trigger sticks
  10. shotgunner

    Wanted 6.47 seater die

    Nothing has came through Terry Can you send to (holo100@my-inbox.net)
  11. shotgunner

    Wanted 6.47 seater die

    Hi Terry Sorry for being a pain mate ,any luck with finding the die mate ,
  12. shotgunner

    Wanted 6.47 seater die

    Cheers pal( holo100@my-inbox.net )

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