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  1. thekeeper

    223 55gr load data

    Hi just about to purchase a new tikka 1in 8 223 probably shoot 55gr any suggestions on load data would be appreciated Regards
  2. thekeeper

    T3 aftermarket bolt handle

    Pm sent ronin
  3. Pm sent I'll take the range mat please
  4. thekeeper

    Wanted throw lever

    Thanks for the link ihave just ordered one for that money cheers
  5. thekeeper

    Wanted throw lever

    Wanted throw lever for nightforce nxs Please
  6. thekeeper


    It's from black rifle https://www.blackrifle.co.uk They were very helpful on telephone and delivery was a couple of days
  7. thekeeper


    Mdt hs3 with v4 skellton stock1 And the 223 magazine 10 shot witch is no problem with the 204 bullets you can get a longer oal with these mags than the tikka mags
  8. thekeeper


    Just treated myself to a new stock for my 204 tikka t3 action fits in just great I'll re zero once the rain stops feels superb and adjusted to suit me
  9. 1 pair recknagel rings unused 30mm rings base hight 14mm these cost £142 sell for £90 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD 1 pair Warne 30mm rings base hight 6mm (low) used but good condition £65 posted Picture shows recknagel top Warne bottom
  10. 1 new box of lapua 223 brass new unopened £45 posted Nosler ballistic tip 40gr (224) opened box of 74 £16 posted Hornady A MAX 52gr (224) opened box 71 £14 posted
  11. thekeeper

    204 Vermin Control

    Well done superb calibre had mine a while now love it 420 yds my best to date on a rabbit I' going to try nosler 40gr bt next see how they fair May you have many happy times together atb

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