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  1. Wanted nitride bushing

    Wanted redding titanium nitride bushing. 224 or .225 thank you
  2. More Pictures by email thanks
  3. For sale swarovski x5i 5 25x56p rectical 4wxi 1/4moa per click With swarovski flip covers (not the magnetic ones) and the swarovski tool for change of zero I do not have the original box Mrs slung it out said it was just rubbish lying around But it will come in a box off another scope Mounted tried and didt like great scope just not for me only had one outing £2000
  4. Sold to leery a pleasure doing business
  5. Titanium reall light I have replied to your pm Sold to the man above pending the usual
  6. Nightforce scope rings 30mm used but good condition Medium hight 1ich £90 posted
  7. Nightforce rings

    Sorry to low iv got those all ready scope rests on barrel thanks anyway
  8. 6.5 creedmoor redding body die £40 posted Wilson 223 bullet seater with micro adjustment £90 posted Both had very little use
  9. Sako 30mm rings and bases medium blued £70 posted
  10. Nightforce rings

    1.265 is the size I require I have got some 1nch butt the scope touched the barrel so I can use them for my 50mm scope The 1.125 I will not be able to get the scope covers on Thanks
  11. Nightforce rings

    Ok thanks
  12. Nightforce rings

    Wanted nightforce scopes rings 30mm 1" no smaller scope will touch barrel Thanks thekeeper

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