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  1. Thank you for your purchase chaps Atb paul
  2. Posted iv dropped something else in for you no use to me it might be for you Regards paul
  3. Mail me your address please
  4. Items sold are pending the usual
  5. Yes still here PayPal pdarby3@Gmail.com as a gift Bank transfer Sort 77 31 07 Account 25918260 Paul darby Thanks
  6. I'll pm bank details in the next hour thanks
  7. Above sold PayPal as gift if possible please pdarby3@Gmail. com If not email me for bank details Regards
  8. Le wilson s/s micro trimmer and platform kit used a few times £200 posted Wilson trimmer case holders 6.5 creedmoor SOLD 223 rem 204 ruger £10 each posted Wilson neck sizing decaping base £12 posted Sinclair uniformed screwdriver handle +adapter p/p uniforms large +small +km pocket reformer £85 posted Wilson vld seater stem 6.5 mm £12 posted SOLD Chamfer deburring tool £15 posted SOLD Aluminium powder funnel 6.5 mm £10posted SOLD 6.5 creedmoor lapua brass new unopened small primer £90 posted SOLD Taskmaster digital vernier good working order £10 posted Redding 204 ruger f/length die and neck die this does not have a seating die £20 posted SOLD 6.5 mm 129gr nosler accubond box 100 2 boxs £55 each posted or 2 boxs £100 posted 6.5 mm 120gr nosler ballistic tip box 50 £20 posted SOLD 204 ruger 39gr blitzking (1039) 3 full boxs unopened £60 posted SOLD https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=16YxasmDRruvVH-jUg2JsJ_CID9MJWY_ If this link does not work please email me pdarby3@gmail.com for pictures Regards paul
  9. thekeeper

    204 into 223

    I have a tikka 204 could I change the barrel to a 223 and use the same action 1 in 8 varmint barrel is what Im looking at Cheers
  10. thekeeper

    223 55gr load data

    Will the 69 gr be OK on fox's being match grade
  11. thekeeper

    223 55gr load data

    Hi just about to purchase a new tikka 1in 8 223 probably shoot 55gr any suggestions on load data would be appreciated Regards
  12. thekeeper

    T3 aftermarket bolt handle

    Pm sent ronin
  13. Pm sent I'll take the range mat please

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