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  1. Legal??

    I can't see anything wrong with reloading ammo for someone else, but an over-officious FEO or bobby might interpret s.2(1) of the Firearms Act 1920 more loosely than us: " 2-(l) A person shall not manufacture, sell, repair, test or prove, or expose for sale, or have in his possession for sale, repair, test or proof, firearms or ammunition by way of trade or business unless he is registered as a firearms dealer. " You'll doubtless say, "It's not my trade or business". It might, however, be enough to get suspicions raised or fingers pointed... maximus otter
  2. Which ballistic app

    1. For info it’s Strelok. It’s Russian slang for “gunslinger”. 2. DOPE is what’s known as a “backronym”. The word dope, when used by gun writers back in the Thirties and Forties, was simply US slang for “information” or “data”. Only recently have the US armed forces used it as an acronym for Data On Previous Engagements. maximus otter
  3. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    Literal translation: "If you spend loads of money on Gucci aftermarket parts for your .22 SLR, it can be as accurate as an out-of-the-box bolt action." Let two equally-talented riflemen select two .22LR rifles (of comparable quality) at random from the rack; one an SLR, one a bolt action. Let said riflemen experiment to find a brand of ammo that each rifle "likes". Let the two then fire groups at a respectable distance, e.g. 100 yards. I have a crisp £5 note that says that the bolt action will win every time. maximus otter
  4. Air rifles in Scotland

    What Police Scotland actually say: Visiting Scotland with an air rifle. Application form for an Air Weapon Visitor Permit. maximus otter
  5. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    If you'd wanted accuracy you'd have bought a bolt action. maximus otter
  6. 6.5 variants

    +1 maximus otter
  7. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    No probs: He's got an attack chicken covering his 6. maximus otter
  8. 6.5 variants

    No. You are limited to that specific calibre as listed on your certificate (not "license"). However, any variation that does not increase the number of "weapons" on your FAC is free of charge. Select the calibre you really want, then bung in a free one-for-one variation. maximus otter
  9. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    That's Caitlyn Jenner's Rottweiler. maximus otter
  10. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Years ago l described the typical Shooting Show attendee as: “Morbidly obese, wearing top to toe RealTree camo and a twatty leather cowboy hat, being towed by two psychotic Springers.” Why the dogs in a rammed exhibition hall? Why the camo? Who’s he trying to impress? maximus otter
  11. ear defenders

    I had that issue. A drop of cyanoacrylate "superglue" applied with a toothpick secured the errant foam. maximus otter
  12. Military History

    Pip, Squeak and Wilfred. maximus otter
  13. ear defenders

    The degree of noise attenuation, both inert and "switched on"; also comfort. maximus otter
  14. ear defenders

    Like SA-80? Boots, DMS? Nylon macs? maximus otter
  15. ear defenders

    I had one pair of Peltors for years. When they broke I tried MSA Sordin...and bought another pair of Peltors. maximus otter
  16. FCSA leading the way!

    To repeat my question: I've forgotten to whom to send my MP's (non) answer. Is it BASC? Can anyone provide an email link? maximus otter
  17. FCSA leading the way!

    My effing useless corrupt shile of pite - sorry - MP, has finally got around to replying to my email. It's been so long since I contacted him that I've forgotten to whom to send his (non) answer. Is it BASC? Can anyone provide an email link? maximus otter
  18. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    Amazon, £35 maximus otter
  19. I've managed to scrape enough cash together to buy myself a Magnetospeed for my birthday. A long walk around the Game Fair yesterday was in vain. Is there a U.K. source for them that: A. Doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and; B. Actually has one in stock? maximus otter
  20. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    I use Norma factory loads in my Sako 85 Finnlight in 6.5 x 55mm. They use the 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet: So far I've used them on roe, muntjac, CWD and foxes; about 15 animals total. The results are...emphatic. Runners are - to put it mildly - not a problem. Accuracy is ½ MOA. Highly recommended. maximus otter
  21. Can a typical rifle bullet be overtaken by the sound of its own discharge? My pet .260 load launches a 139 gr. Lapua Scenar (G7 BC .290) at 2,758 fps, SD 5.1 It goes subsonic at about 1,250 yards. Will there ever be a point - inside its theoretical maximum range of about 3 miles - where the sound of its firing will arrive before the bullet? My guess would be no, but maths isn't my strong suit, to put it mildly... maximus otter
  22. Varminting in Australia

    Welcome on board. From all of the massively-destructive body shots, I'm assuming that rabbit isn't commonly eaten in Oz? By the way, most UK wind calls would consist of: "Three miles per hour from 2 o'clock, half value: Give it 1.2 mils", and not: "I'll aim at 'is arse!" maximus otter
  23. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    I bought neck sizing dies for my .260 Valkyrie. Now I find that I neck size, then bump the shoulder back in a separate die each reloading anyway... *sigh* maximus otter
  24. Hearing the noise isn't the issue. The issue is whether the Mach 2.5 (and decelerating) bullet is overtaken by the Mach 1 (constant velocity) sound wave. maximus otter
  25. Done. I have asked my MP for the evidence on which they base this proposed change in law; I have also pointed out that FAC holders live disproportionately in rural, Conservative constituencies. After May's disastrous snap election, they don't have voters to spare... maximus otter

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