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  1. Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    Hi I can offer a standard style can to fit directly onto the 21mm diameter spigot of the standard barrel, the overall length of the mod however is a little longer to allow for the 23mm long spigot. regards Colin
  2. all sold.

    Hi I will take the Lyman's if they become available regards Colin
  3. Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    I may carry on making this particular model but I wont be making any more of the standard models.
  4. Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    its all stainless steel so crack on... the others in the range seem fine on full auto 100 round bursts
  5. wanted 204 brass

    Wanted 204 brass...used or new.
  6. 5.45x39 case

    Perhaps he is mistaken then and needs 5.45x39! Same question then..... change of calibre
  7. 5.45x39 case

    Think its called 5.56 short
  8. 5.45x39 case

    Looking for 1 fired an 1 unfired 5.45 x 39 case for a project if anyone can help. regards Colin
  9. 5/8x24 Moderator

    I have a few in stock that were made for the RPR. All stainless steel, available in matt black or brushed stainless finish (cerakote also available extra) Mod is £270 plus carriage to nominated RFD.
  10. Ok mate, yours is second from the right
  11. Here are a few from the last batch prior to coating if required, some in .308 some in 6.5mm. All spun up on a dummy barrel complete with slave brake fitted to check concentricity as they are a fully welded assembly.
  12. FOR SALE Steyr Mannlicher SL 222 complete with hogs back stock, single set trigger, barley twist barrel and M14x1 muzzle thread. The rifle also come with a T4 moderator and weaver bases. It has been test fired and comfortably shoots sub moa with Privi ammunition. Shows some wear to the blueing where the mod has been sat. Priced to sell at £500 with transfer being available if required. :)

    Guys.... your comments are humbling and I thank you sincerely.... however I have had a good run and just dont need the hassle As I mentioned in my stroppy original post ALL standing orders will be honoured, all remaining completed units, components, drawings, jigs and fixtures will be available for sale. I will continue supplying firearms and accessories including others moderators, nv and thermal so I wont be disappearing from view totally. All the very best OLC
  14. Thats it... had enough of customers who dont seem to grasp the concept of "sorry its not an off the shelf item" and expect a fully welded assembly to run with tenths. Once existing orders have been completed there will be no more Onelesscharlie moderators, my sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased over the years and if anyone in the trade is interested in a stack of components to fabricate and assemble moderators please get in touch. regards Colin
  15. Hi JP Current batch are being welded as of Monday, stainless units with no coating will be available shortly afterwards, cerakoted units will be available subject to Tactical Coating's workload. regards Colin

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