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  1. onelesscharlie

    Accuracy International

    I have a small number of mods left that fit over the top of the AI tactical brake, both in .300 and .338 calibre.
  2. onelesscharlie

    6mm Rem FLR die

    Hi Guys Looking for a 6mm rem flr die...new or used. Thanks for looking Colin
  3. 78 once fired lapua cases £58 plus postage.
  4. Something a little different has come in and is looking for a new home, built by J Roberts and Son Very pretty 6.5 x 68 calibre Mauser 98 action with fluted barrel threaded 1/2 x 20 unf Fitted in a Hogue stock ASE sound moderator Quality bases and rings for 30mm scope 150 rounds of ammunition Price £2000 including rfd transfers if required.
  5. onelesscharlie

    Moderator Cleaning

    Hi This is one hose stupid areas within the act however I would say you will need approval to hold each one.
  6. onelesscharlie

    Moderator Cleaning

    send it up to Llandod and I will sort it out for you... as for the 22lr mod i would just strip it regularly and clean it, i just use soapy water.
  7. onelesscharlie

    Moderator Cleaning

    Hi Miseryguts My phone number is 07833 212214 if you need any assistance regarding the mods you purchased in the past. If the 22lr has an aluminium end cap then it is strippable, if the 223 is all stainless then it is not and will self clean. regards Colin
  8. onelesscharlie

    Best moderator

    Hi All I still have a number of all stainless units, lightweight strippable units and specials to fit the AI tactical brake available. Give me a ring you may just get a bargain
  9. onelesscharlie

    Colt 607 Mod

    I agree totally but i couldnt find the right side and face cutter
  10. Something a little different
  11. onelesscharlie

    Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    Hi I can offer a standard style can to fit directly onto the 21mm diameter spigot of the standard barrel, the overall length of the mod however is a little longer to allow for the 23mm long spigot. regards Colin
  12. onelesscharlie

    all sold.

    Hi I will take the Lyman's if they become available regards Colin
  13. onelesscharlie

    Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    I may carry on making this particular model but I wont be making any more of the standard models.
  14. onelesscharlie

    Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    its all stainless steel so crack on... the others in the range seem fine on full auto 100 round bursts
  15. onelesscharlie

    wanted 204 brass

    Wanted 204 brass...used or new.

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