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  2. phoenix

    cut and crown

    A bit more detail on exactly how those "fireworks" would manifest themselves please Cheers Bruce
  3. Reloader54

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP. sir.
  4. do you know if this is the model that you can fit the Mil reticle eye piece to ?
  5. andybrock

    Waterproof Trousers

    Anyone got any suggestions for good waterproof trousers? I don’t mean over trousers just a pair that can be worn for shooting, walking or working in and preferably uninsulated (I like to be overly warm) Cheers
  6. Moorlander

    cut and crown

    If a bad or inexperienced gunsmith went too deep on undercut it would definitely weaken the end of the barrel , add a big heavy moderator and you could be in for some fireworks.
  7. Moorlander

    cut and crown

    No , they did get an ambiguous report on moderators however.
  8. FC Brass received, thanks James👍. Have a bump for your Winchester brass
  9. Today
  10. MUSKY

    Labradar Chronograph

    Hi Just wondered if there was anyone out there with a Labradar Chronograph that they would like to sell??? Cheers
  11. andybrock

    Dried food meals

    Thanks for the replies chaps.
  12. JonM

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP Mark, thanks for all you contributed to UK shooting and beyond. We will think of you often during the CSR seasons ahead.
  13. phoenix

    cut and crown

    That was my understanding also. I recently has a CZ527 in 22 hornet shortened and threaded, by a smith who builds and shoots F class rifles and the subject of reproof was never even discussed. On a modern rifle which was proofed when new, can anyone describe a set of circumstances under which chopping the barrel by a couple of inches and rethreading it for a moderator can weaken the barrel to the point of failure? Cheers Bruce
  14. eddieb

    cut and crown

    Have Jackson Rifles not already disproved the need for re-proofing on end of barrel work such as shortening -screw cutting - re-crowning. I know in our area a very well experienced gun-smith stopped sending such work to the proof-house.
  15. 41grs behind the 139gr scenar 👍
  16. JCS1993

    Howa after market trigger

    Looking for an after market trigger to fit a howa 1500 if anyone has one Thanks Jon
  17. brave Echo niner

    MDT ESS chassis system Tikka T3

    Either would work well but probably black. Cheers, Ben
  18. Sorry DC, they are the 0.429 ones from Krank's M
  19. + 1 for RS62........just started using this with 136 scenar "L"'s, and it looks very promising, and kinder on barrels. Pete
  20. topscots1

    Vortex razor hd gen 2 4.5-27x56. Nightforce A.T.A.C.R

    I have a razor that I may be willing to part with. Send me a pm if interested.
  21. Good morning....can you tell me if these scales are still for sale please? A fellow member of our club is just starting up & I know he needs a set of scales. I do appreciate that this is an old ad but noted that there were no replies, so I thought I would ask the question! Thank you.... Kindest regards, Stuart
  22. hunters cabin

    Vortex razor hd gen 2 4.5-27x56. Nightforce A.T.A.C.R

    I have a gen 1 5-25x56 atacr Came off my own 6.5x47 Moar ret. .25 moa click Very good condition
  23. Moorlander

    cut and crown

    Whilst the proof houses do come across as a mafia I still think I`d go with what they claim is law.
  24. Re-Pete

    Palma brass

    My best load was 46.3 grains RS52 with a 155 Scenar bullet and 2.90" AOL (usual caveats apply). From a 30" 11 twist barrel, this gave 3050 fps. I did go faster, but the groups started opening up. 47 grains of TR140 gave 2890 fps with the same bullet/OAL , so you can see there's quite a speed increase with RS52. Pete
  25. Thanks just finished night shift so off to bed. No rush. Ian
  26. lapua

    cut and crown

    That could be argued about for ages, but i wont bite.. best ask a professional rifle builder what they do and what their insurance allows them to do to find out what happens in the real world based on relevant good practice.
  27. Yesterday
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