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  1. Yesterday
  2. Will this fit lee perfect powder thrower?
  3. The date posted may be a clue 🧐
  4. Rusty Gate

    6.5 questions

    Where did you get your 6.5-06 brass
  5. Don't they come with two mags?
  6. Received mine today, within the promised delivery time and with good communication re. tracking the package and advice about using the machine.
  7. Hello, Is the rifle still available. Regards, Peter
  8. ya i seen that just just looking to see if anyone had come up with anything new
  9. Very good condition, cleaned regularly Wildcat Evo moderator with .204 diffuser. With M18 x 1 bridge£150 ONO can RFD at cost
  10. Chanonry

    Wild justice threat to game shooting

    Packham isn't the real threat to game shooting, Gove and his successors are. Once the "environmental crisis" really gets rolling and the environment starts being more valuable for things other than pissing about for a few days in the winter, it is not going to be plausible to disrupt the countryside by releasing 35 million pheasants every year. "Re-wilding" here we come...
  11. cheshirelad

    52gr SMK load data

    Thanks pal, that's what worked for me before I changed primers, just thought I'd ask the collective.
  12. A very lightly used so like new (ie 500 rnds) hornady rifle micrometer insert for their powder thrower allowing more precise adjustment £30 posted
  13. 264wm

    6.5 questions

    Been a great fan of the 264wm for long time, but decided to trade down to a 6.5-06AI because of the abundance of brass. The reality was it was not a trade down but a trade off in the consumption of powder, velocity is right up there with the winnie and accuracy is stunning. I can launch a 123gn sst @ 3350fps and it is sub 1/2 moa @ 500yds. enough for anything I may encounter. Unfortunately have to convert to copper,will have to see what limitations that brings, got some 120 gmx's will be trying them out this weekend.. Looking forward to an outing with a good friend of mine who has just had a rifle built by Ronin in 6.5-06,my custom 6.5-06 head stamped brass arrived this morning so will handing a few over to him for testing.. I do not think it will be long before this caliber becomes standardized.. regards N
  14. Adamdavi3s

    Wanted: tripod saddle

    Hog / pig / monkey Not too fussy!
  15. Sorry mate, a member over on the SD has already requested it.
  16. ashcroft

    52gr SMK load data

    I used 24.8 gr of n140 which worked well in my rifle
  17. Popsbengo

    Wild justice threat to game shooting

    and often what is commonly believed is not sense at all 😉
  18. John MH

    52gr SMK load data

    Yes, thats what I used to use but TR140 is no longer available under that name, there is an RS equivalent.
  19. cheshirelad

    52gr SMK load data

    UCM round, low recoil, cost effective to reload, I think the 23.6 came from you John.
  20. No i deer

    Wild justice threat to game shooting

    As the saying goes common sense isn't that common 🤔
  21. Grousewarrior

    Re loading dies

    Redding 223 dies now SOLD
  22. Re-Pete

    Wild justice threat to game shooting

    Well said, Pops !! 😀 Pete
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