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  2. trucraft

    Tikka t3 action screw torque??

    Very helpful info for Tikka owners 👌
  3. Natural England Complaint Form
  4. Hi all Debs has outgrown the 5.56 and a 308 is on route (I've created a monster lol lol ) so selling her Mossberg MVP 5.56 Varmint. I am not willing to split so please dont ask, I'm wanting to shift it as a complete get you started package. So as follows MVP Varmint in 5.56 ( you will need 5.56 on FAC and not just 223) fitted with EB 5-20x50 illuminated milldot scope. 1 x original 5 shot metal Magazine + 2 x 10 rnd Pmags (complete with covers) AiM 45 dragbag in black set of Lee dies MTM 100 rnd box and I'll throw in some HPS brass but it's getting towards needing replacing. cheap fold down 6-9 Bipod Shooting shed cleaning rod guide. It likes 69gns SMK's and Vit 133 £750 - Face to Face deal preferred, however if it helps we are going up to the Northern Shooting Show on the Sunday and staying locally the Saturday night. Advertised elsewhere
  5. Today
  6. I think some people need to chill out a bit 👍NE doesn’t want to stop / ban anything from pest control/crop protection or public health. All they are doing is ass covering on the say so of there legal eagles . I’m confident that come the end of the week we’re all know what we need to do and after the moans and groans have been put to bed we’re all be able to get back to business as usual 👍. Now then ... hands up who can remember the last time it happened ? I can remember my dad and grandad moaning that we couldn’t go , that was 40 yrs ago 😳 now that was a government cock up !
  7. markymark

    Tikka t3 action screw torque??

    No need for loctite. You might find that it’s not located properly into where it needs to be and not seated into its lug. Also check your using the right screw front / back. This happened to me once, I have no idea why. But stripped again, reseated and had no issues. Plastic stock rifles with floating lug: 35 inch-lbs ● Plastic stock with floating lug, bedded: 55 inch-lbs ● Plastic stock rifle, unbedded: 40-45 inch-lbs ● Glass stock rifle with unknown fill: 40-45 inch-lbs ● Glass stock rifle with ali chassis: 55-60 inch-lbs ● Wood stock rifle with floating lug: 35 inch-lbs ● Wood stock, bedded or unbedded but without pillars: 40-45 inch-lbs ● Wood stock rifle, pillar bedded: 55-60 inch-lbs ● Laminate stock rifle, bedded or unbedded but without pillars: 40-45 inch-lbs ● Laminate pillar bedded rifle: 55-60 inch-lbs ● Ali chassis/tube rifle: 55-60 inch-lbs
  8. As above......only a couple of months old, only for sale as swapping to laser. Used half a dozen times max, excellent condition. £65 posted.....no offers ta. Regards, Rob.
  9. So recently got my t3 back after being rebarreled and I took the macmillan stock of a bit after to clean it and when I put the screws back in they didn't seen to stop. It gets fairly tight but goes so far that the rear screw goes high enough to affect the bolt. What is the correct torque setting and if I achieve the correct torque before it hits the bolt would it be ok just to slightly loctite it?
  10. Posted this on nanother Forum but : Basic fact not being mentioned or accepted by NE and some on here are that none lethal methods simply do not work. Impossible for Crows / Magpies predating livestock and nests and Corvids and Pigeons on Crops take no notice of Kites and Gas Guns after a day or so. The people making the rules don't understand what they are talking about.
  11. Pat Allen

    For sale

    Hi . I am interested in the rifle. Could you send more pictures please ?
  12. cheshirelad

    Autothrow/Autotrickler V2

    As a matter of interest where are you ordering one from.
  13. Putting up my customised Remington 870 s1 shotgun. Since building, it's done absolutely nothing! Remington Express receiver which has been Duracoated "Remington Black". Wolf Hammer and Firing Pin springs and Scattergun Technologies Big Bump safety. Carlson's 24" (Very rare for an 870!) multi choke, vented barrel with fibre optic bead. Nordic Components extended magazine, with a Nordic Components no drag follower, Nordic magazine spring and a Nordic Components barrel clamp. The furniture on this came from a 1970s vintage Remington Police. I left all of the dings, nicks, scratches and stains on it, just removing the varnish and oiling it to maintain its character. Quite frankly, you'll be very hard pushed to find one like this... £675. I'll travel a short distance from Kent to meet or we split RFD costs my end to send it.
  14. eddieb

    Jewell Trigger Cleaning

    Zippo lighter Fuel has always done the job for me and no probs on trigger mechanism.
  15. Have a bump for a great package!
  16. furrybean

    Jewell Trigger Cleaning

    Isopropanol is good if you can get hold of some Ill give you some if you want next time I see you
  17. cheers Stu, all done. thank you for the pictures, funds paid in. regards bob.
  18. Advice on best solution and method for cleaning a Jewell trigger please. I’ve been told lighter fluid is good but that some brands can damage the mechanism.
  19. eddieb

    CZ 550 Peep Sight

    Hi Ronin Thanks for your reply . CZ obviously do make a standard rear sight but the one I was particularly after is manufactured by NECG in the states so personal import seems to be a no. It costs 90$ over the pond but around £125.00 plus postage etc but of course if you want it you have to pay. The sight is reckoned to be a good improvement on standard CZ set up. So I will try contacting them and see what they can offer. Regards
  20. Cluny Country Guns

    Schmidt and bender 8x56

    Hi, We have this one here: https://www.clunycountrystore.co.uk/collections/ex-display-used-optics/products/preownedschmidtbender8x56klassikriflescope Perfect condition. Otherwise, we have them new as well. Thanks, Robbie
  21. redding

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    Thanks John Have sent email vto Doug today
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