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  2. Savage Steve

    Quad bike wanted

    I've got a Honda Foreman 4x4 agri reg with low hours. Steve.
  3. Chikentikka

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

  4. Yesterday
  5. clover

    General purpose target rifle.

    Thanks - wasn't aware of that! On the subject of the OP's needs, IMO this looks like a nice buy (note that it's the earlier T3 not the current T3x as implied, but the differences are fairly minimal).
  6. Foxshooter

    Quad bike wanted

    I have a 500cc Polaris I'd part with for 2K but I'm down in suffolk Mark
  7. Are those the mounts that are included? Cos they don’t look like Optilocks.
  8. Lukas_K

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Tried, they can provide that only along their own chamber reamers. Reason is there is many AI variants already, all are 40°, but the shoulder diameter & body taper differs. Lesson learned, should not have bought one without the other. Still, having at least a best-guess guideline would save me some considerable cash and wasted time
  9. How many down the tube as it stands?
  10. Ronin

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Contact PTG and ask them for a re size reamer print for that cartridge
  11. Leeman

    General purpose target rifle.

    Clover, Just one correction is that .223 can be used in TR although it's generally only a few hard core individuals that use it and mostly at club level and regional comps, that allow handloads, the ammunition offered in most national events, being issued is not conducive to high scores!
  12. Up for grabs my T3. Stainless Varmint barrel, In excellent condition, little use, very clean, only been shot 6 times since last year hence sale. Comes with ASE Northstar moderator, Opti lock 30mm rings and thread protector. £750. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks.
  13. Lukas_K

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Wouldn´t ask if I could do that, would I I have reamers for this project done by a local tooling shop. It´s a 338AI and I need to provide them with the prints. Have the chamber print actually, and now need to "adjust appropriately" for the resize reamer, just as you say. Think I´ll take 0.002 off the body width and see.
  14. brave Echo niner

    What pistol grip

    Thanks for the opinions guys. Think I will probably end up getting an Ergo and an MDT vertical grip. Cheers, Ben
  15. Selling an excellent condition Yukon Photon XT with original doubler. Works perfectly, comes with scope mounts, but torch mount is not included. £360 Including RM Special delivery.
  16. dorg

    Jo West

    Joe has been on holiday but is very much still around, let me have your phone no by pm and I will get him to ring you tomorrow.
  17. i'm late to the party but I've only just seen this as I don't frequent ukv much now but my kit - rem700 action blueprinted with big knob and 20'' bartlein barrel (best barrel I've ever had) hardy stealth moderator all pillar bedded into a PSE composites tac stock , i'm running aics mags but have had it modded for the double stack mags (ai) but i'm not happy it will feed reliably under pressure whereas the aics are boringly reliable! I use the 6.5 creedmoor and factory 140 eld-m ammo I did 'ok' I feel I let my kit down not the other way round and I have brought some bags as I found them very useful ? i also use this rifle as my primary stalking rifle. next year i am hoping to have a dedicated PRL rifle , likely an MDT chassis and bartlein barrel running aics mags in 6.5 creedmoor with a brake as they seem popular and it's pointless me being the only one with manners! general closer positional stuff i'm confident with but my wind calls at longer range are dubious so that's where i'm going to focus my practice , as a side note i have lost weight and i'm working on my fitness for next year as well. as for pricing , i'm happy enough as i recognise it's not a cheap sport , i will not comment further as i have an iron in the fire regarding stolen funds.
  18. clover

    General purpose target rifle.

    A few thoughts you may or may not be aware of... If you want to shoot TR you'll be looking at a rifle in .308 only with aperture sights and a sling. If you want to shoot F-TR you'll want a scoped sporter / target rifle in .223 or .308 with a bipod. As others have said the smaller is realistically limited to 600yd and suffers far more wind drift than the .308 so won't be competitive; although you will get cheaper ammo and less recoil. If you want to shoot F-class with any calibre other than .223 or .308 you're into F-Open territory where it all gets very exotic and expensive. So, while the external ballistics of a 6.5CM will knock spots off a .308 in isolation; with a .308 you'll be competing on a reasonably level playing field against other guns of the same calibre in F-TR, while going 6.5CM will put you up against rifles chambered for hotter, more long-distance-capable cartridges in F-Open. Take this as coming from a self-confessed Tikka nut, but this seems like a strong case for a used T3 (or the later T3x if you can find one) Sporter in .308. This will give you excellent build and a nice trigger out of the box, plus a nice traditional-ish laminate stock with adjustable cheek piece and butt pad. The Finns apparently use these for target shooting with iron sights (as illustrated on this site) so it appears using these rifles with such sights is possible. Countryway in Kent apparently have a new one in at £1520 (image is of a LH one, although nowt in the text suggest it's LH), while I reckon you'd get a used one for ballpark a grand if you bide your time... Also, I believe the case head diameter of the .308 and 6.5CM are the same, so I think you could conceivably re-barrel the rifle from .308 to 6.5CM (or vice-versa) in the future if desired.
  19. No5 now gone So the scores on the doors now Very rare beast indeed Winchester 1895 sporter in .303 dated 1910 Reduced £1450 1940 dated K98 Russian capture but in great condition Reduced to £500 with a bayonet and £450 without Marlin 1895 45-70 rifle made in1979 with either a Leupold pistol scope or a vortex scout scope your choice Further reduced £495 S&B PM11 3-12 P3 mildot scope single turn turrets 1cm clicks £1150 or S&B PM11 10x42 with a Bryant reticule £700 Rifles collection or plus RFD transfer costs the scoped include postage within the uk I will attempt to post some photos tonight or tomorrow
  20. Need to sell the guns before I start splitting everything up
  21. CameronWilson

    RPR Handguard

    Hi Guys,I'm looking for a Midwest Industries RPR handguard – preferably 18", but I'd also consider a 15".I'd also be interested in a Ruger factory gen 3 or gen 4 handguard.Obviously, whichever handguard you have, will need to come with the respective barrel nut and mounting screws.Many thanks,Cam.
  22. Fancy selling the Arca rail desperate? Worth a try.
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