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  2. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    My mates barrel is also a 26 inch barrel.
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  4. Are the screws Tier One original or after market? Thanks. J.
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  6. 243/ 95g sst

    42 gr of RL22 fed match primer
  7. On the range with the PMII 5-25

    CANT recommend them too much, got a 3-27x56 on the accuracy int and was so happy that when funds allowed I put a 5-20x50 ultra short on the anschutz .22lr .can see bullet holes at 300 yd and x14 is greaT FOR THE 22 SHOOTING RABBITS UPTO 100 YDS . SORRY BOUT CAPS LOCK . p4 fine reticle on both
  8. Badger ordnance 6214 34mm rings

    still looking i'll pm you again, thanks
  9. 308 dies neck size only

    Hi one hole just being reading the posts again and picked up on your comment re runout , not had the made up bullets measured as yet but they do sometimes look as though the neck is off centre after the case has been sized .started off with redding dies and found the return stroke to be very stiff as it expands the neck ( using the graphite media ) changed to forster dies with a ball type expander rather than the barrel redding type and the effort of expanding has dramatically reduced . Also the forster dies seem to be less fussy to get the decap pin to be central when looking down at the open end of the die . next step might be to check runout before going too far into the bushing etc route .What do most people do to check runout ????? cheers
  10. .308 Borden stalker

    Whilst not pretty the Mcmillan / Blaser Tac 2 stock is ergonically superb. Nice work Dave
  11. 243/ 95g sst

    Anyone got a recipe for 95g hornady sst for a sako 85 243 20" barrel 1/10 thanks
  12. OCW Target

    Thanks for that.
  13. The 1808 is a "Running Boar" rifle from Anschutz, when it was an Olympic discipline. I have it's predecessor, the 1408 which is very similar. It can be a most versatile rifle, depending on the rules of the competition you wish to enter. The stock adjustability and trigger quality make it a magnificent gun to use for most sporting type disciplines.
  14. .308 Borden stalker

    Thanks. It's also got a sling on it now too and nearly 50 factory rounds fired. Need to get some reloads organised shortly. Best regards JCS
  15. Any response would be appreciated...
  16. .308 Borden stalker

    Very nice, I'm jealous
  17. .308 Borden stalker

    Dave Excellent work. This is how it looked on its first morning out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uckip2f3xyl6k4/Borden 308 2018-03-14 09.56.01.jpg?dl=0 Thanks again. JCS
  18. Badger ordnance 6214 34mm rings

    No PM received, can I assume that you're not looking now.
  19. Barnard P .473 bolt

    Looking for the above in title. Has to be a right hand bolt with left port eject. Thanks Tony
  20. Here's one recently gone to its owner. Its a stalking rifle, albeit, a somewhat unusual one. The customer liked the look of the stock on my own rifle. Personally, I dont think they are the prettiest of stocks, but , boy, are they comfortable. The barrel is a Bartlien 2B contour. Its threaded M14 x 1 and invisible capped. Fitted to a Borden Alpine action. Bead blasted finish, and a Jewel trigger. The stock was inlet for a third eye DBM, and bedded in with pillars and Devcon. Then the top was fully bedded. Overall, a very nice rifle, and doing well in the hands of its owner.
  21. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    Please bear in mind that is with a 26" barrel.
  22. Crispin engineering in Surrey have this listed on their website
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