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  2. Hi chris, had a look through scope again today, just for you after reading no I deer's posts.At 300 yds on 10xmag the dot did not cover a 5"dia pot,could still see a fair bit of it and full mag no probs at all,so pleasantly surprised😃 .I was wrong,sorry. You will have no problem shooting smaller vermin at range ☺. Deceptive, as the dot looks large but doesn't cover as much as you think at range.for deer and fox I'd go for the 4a Ret, nice and uncluttered imo👍
  3. Rangefinder

    .260 rebarrel

    Yep barrell length, make, twist & throat length as bullets must be mag length
  4. Today
  5. banus02

    180gr hornady sst

    location and caliber and perhaps use the for sale section.
  6. A thing of beauty 👍 Alan
  7. Alycidon

    .260 rebarrel

    What are you asking for, barrel make recommendations maybe ?. A
  8. Rangefinder

    .260 rebarrel

    Hi my .260 currently has a heavy Varmint 26” 1-8.5 twist Remy action set in an AI Stock I want to shoot 123ELD,s or 130ELD,s out to 1000yds thanks Jimmy
  9. Ferritic or martensitic stainless steel is the most common grade for knife making, both types attracts a magnet, only austenitic stainless doesnt.
  10. rsc1960

    20 cal

    what 20 cal i could be selling my tikka 595 20tac as i fancy a new to me cal for foxing. i have dies, forming and body, as well as the normal fl,seat and neck, over 200 brass, rifle will be for sale with the walnut stock as the synthetic has a built in battery for my drone, and the new build will be on a 595 again bob.
  11. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    Here's a comment yesterday from a guy that works for the Beretta agents here in NZ: .22LR has not started shipping from the factory as yet. Orders for .17HMR will be filled before manufacture of the .22lr begins. We wont see any .22LR here till next year.
  12. So, bedding now complete and Devcon cured; Bottom metal and action were bedded at same time - pics before clean up I spent some time milling and cleaning up the bedding, - the bottom inlet was for an Atlasworx inlet - the PGW bottom metal has slightly shorter profile (though far more substantial in design) The gaps have been filled with devcon and will be finished with lighter filler and coated over to blend in with the stock. Trigger - Bix n Andy Tacsport two stage set at 1.5lbs. The trigger is almost a sealed unit, which is one of the reasons I chose it - the rifle is to be used in ALL weathers and needs to function. I then fitted the picatinny rail to the action with the 5 set screws provided - this wont go anywhere... Scope - Schmidt Bender PM11 10x42, which I had spare. WIll look at possibly a 3-20 PM11 when funds allow. I havent bothered with protective cap by the way - the rifle will either have a moderator on when in use, or off when in the cabinet or being cleaned / drying off Some images of the finished rifle: I took the rifle to test it with a standard 37.5g Varget load, 123 Scenar, CCI BR primer 120 yds First three shots Second three Even with limiting 10 x scope it was easy to get sub half MOA groups Very pleased with the results and with some load development this will perform more than adequately at extended ranges.
  13. triggersqueezer

    Rifle torch, which one?

    coyote lite do come up second hand at times.like any good scope or action there just quality.
  14. Whatever you can shoot accurately irrespective of calibre. CF Calibre is immaterial as long as you can hit at what you're aiming at and it carries sufficient energy downrange. I like .223 for its versatility and economy.
  15. Stoney creek long Bush coat as new, only been outside twice £200 posted
  16. phoenix

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    I gave a lot of thought to getting a 204 and then a gamekeeper pal of mine bought a remington 700 in 204, put a GRS stock on it and had it professionally bedded. He is a much better shot than me, but he recently sold the 204 because he could not consistently kill foxes with it. He now has a 22-250 I strongly suspect that the problem was that particular rifle, but once he lost confidence in i,t it had to go Cheers Bruce
  17. I have seen more runners on fox with the 17 Rem than the 22/250. Not a lot but it is less forgiving of less than ideal shot placement.
  18. Matt234

    Optilock 1" blued low rings

    Hi I've got a set £30 posted snail mail if you're interested they are blue forward me a email address if you're interested for pic's
  19. Powder. Reloder 10. good for 223 and 22 250 etc 320g £25
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