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  2. It doesn't say amount of powder on invoice but I remember being told it was the minimum amount they sell so prob 100grms?? Funny how things change, my invoice.... Hbn powder £45 BN Aerosol spray can. £25 Postage £5 £75 + vat. £90 total
  3. Just spoke to Precision Ceramics.......very helpful guy.......said 5 - 6 micron suitable for barrel and bullets. In stock at £35/100gms, which is cheaper than I'd imagined, but the downside is £25 postage, however much you order.. Re-Pete
  4. Oh yes, it's definitely not for snorting 😂
  5. bradders

    Kinetic hammer

    Don't ruin the moment 🤣
  6. Sold, subject to the usual
  7. Gandy

    Kinetic hammer

    Just posted it now so it should be on its way. I just wish it were a Bipod I were sending to make it extra special for Bradders!
  8. Today
  9. I have a mint Discovery HD 4-24x50, FFP illuminated reticle, MIL/MIL, 34mm tube with low Recknagel rings that I would like to trade for a SFP scope. I need to have 4x power, MIL adjustment and adjustable parallax; the rest of the zoom range and other specs is not that important.
  10. Might be a good idea to avoid inhalation when using hex BN powder, despite it's alleged use in cosmetics............... https://www.cir-safety.org/sites/default/files/Boron Nitride_faa-final.pdf Pete
  11. We have a .223 MVP Varmint for Debs to shoot and it's fine, never going to be a match rifle but for plinking it's great, shoots 69gn SMKs to MOA and I'm working to improve that. They take AR mags and trigger is nice and crisp. There are a couple on Guntrader for around £500. Alan
  12. Given the choice you mentioned I`d go Remington then Mossberg with Howa being my last choice.
  13. I am looking for a cheap .223 to mainly play with at places like Sennybridge G range, where the .308 and .300 win mag rifles are too easy, yet the .22 and .357Marlin struggle with range. I really like laminated stocks and/or the tactical look. The Massberg MVP seem to be pretty cheap, being offered for around £500 notes second hand with a varmint barrel. I defo don't want a sporting rifle. Howa 1500 with laminated stock look nice as well and seem to be plentiful and the same sort of money. There are lots of Rugers and Remingtons available, but I understand, particularly Rugers, are not especially well made and need a fair bit of work to make them accurate. Any thoughts?
  14. Bob57

    Single shot bobsled

    Great news, pm sent
  15. Binnzy

    Single shot bobsled

    I had some specifically made for me (CNC'd in aluminium). PM sent.
  16. bradders

    Kinetic hammer

    Very kind, thank you and also to Gandy
  17. midas41

    Kinetic hammer

    Donation made, very best wishes to all involved.
  18. I bought Them 4 months ago from optics warehouse, but whats the difference between the new or old ones ?
  19. How old are they? Do you know if they are the new or old profile?
  20. lapua

    Drone pro

    Good to hear that
  21. Montey

    Drone pro

    I've got two Drones the mark one with the 10x doubler and the mark two both are very good and to my mind where the market leaders. However as we all know Drones appear to be no more. I bought a Digcepter A couple of weeks ago from Clive Ward at Night vision store I have fitted it to my Dolphin 223 for ease of set up and testing . I can say that without a shadow of doubt that it is superior to the drone in build quality and battery life Mine comes with the optional range finder and having used it in daylight and extensively at night I found performance to actually exceed the drone. I shoot with some good friends some of whom have other various nightvision scopes the drone always was easier to set up and out performed the various combinations. In my view the Digcepter now set standards!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Hi Im selling mind condition tier one 35mm tac rings Size high. Comes compleet with bits and box. Price: 150 pound
  24. Popsbengo

    Recomendations for reloading manual

    I use Lapua bullets, Lapua brass and Vhit' powder and I've found the Vhit' data book (free on their website) to be an excellent starting point. For pistol calibers and cast-lead bullets Lyman is great. I find the Lee manual to be useful but too oriented to their products. It's worth noting that many US powders are now banned under REACH so there's little point in manuals that major on those. The various powder manufacturers also provide good data online
  25. PJS Precision

    Ruger 10/22 barrel

    Hi I have a couple of new unused bull Barrels for 10/22 Ruger, pm if interested
  26. PJS Precision

    6mm BR reamer

    Hi Can I have this reamer please
  27. Andrew

    New Tikka rimfire

    Back from the range. I need to preface this report by saying that the weather did not clean up as we had hoped and the overcast skies were still hovering over near freezing temps. The wind was also a small factor but it was more like a stiff breeze. We did very little shooting at 50 yards but spent a great deal of time at 25 with a variety of ammunitions. Between us we had a Sako Finfire heavy barreled match rifle and two Tikka T1X. The Sako was shot off of a bipod and the Tikkas off of a canvas shooting bag. No rifle had a rear rest. We shot ammo we had from Federal "Lightning" uber bargain basement ammo to Federal Ultra Match with several brands and styles of bullet inbetween. The punch line: I can honestly say there was no difference in accuracy between the rifles. This was switching shooters, swapping rifles, but always comparing the same ammunition per session. The most accurate was the RWS-made Federal Ultra Match. Swapping rifles and shooters produced identical groups across the board using it. At 50M the Federal / RWS was shooting 1/4" to 5/16" but to show what trollops the Tikka's were, they out the $1.99/50 Federal Lightning into a half inch. Almost always four cutting and one out, which I believe is simply the ammunition. At 25M the Ultra Match was delivering bug holes from all three rifles. They would put the bullets into as small a hole as the shooter was able to hold steady enough for. All the shooters were amazed at the lack of fussiness all three rifles showed. When I asked the other two shooters if they would agree that all three rifles were equally accurate they said yes without hesitation. ~Andrew
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