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  2. Popsbengo

    More scottish bans being proposed

  3. Reloader54

    More scottish bans being proposed

    "robust debate" can be good indeed, however reading some posts it's hard to believe some people here actually possess any guns. surely a compliment on fine accuracy makes for a better discussion than arguing over the type of target. the choice of paper or varmint as quarry should not ideally drive a wedge between disciplines no more than choice of which hat to wear.
  4. These three need to go so have knocked £100 off each rifle.
  5. Popsbengo

    More scottish bans being proposed

    I was not particularly commenting on the hares in the truck so 'those facts' aren't overly relevant to me (but I do think it an awful thing). Spout publicly? You mean express a view some are not happy hearing? Is this forum only a safe space for like-minded persons? I'm not sure one can deny that the release of tens of thousands of game birds to shoot is anything other than wholesale? It's a major money making operation for estates is it not? I'm not promoting a split - I'm denying there's ever been a collective view! If there is please point me at the evidence and I'll gladly review my belief.
  6. 500 SOLD anyone interested in some?
  7. MJR

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Define 'wholesale' please. And no one is asking you to ally yourself with anyone making as you phrase it, offensive and dumb comments. I note however you now say you are not promoting a split but earlier state you will not,support other types of shooting. I take it you are similar to Pete and myself in so much as you are not in receipt of the facts either? But wish to spout publically about wholesale slaughter anyway? Hmmm.
  8. Popsbengo

    More scottish bans being proposed

    fair point, but surely a robust debate is good? It confirms or refines our beliefs. Echo chambers are for snowflakes that need a 'safe space' to all agree in😉
  9. I have for sale a .22 Shooting Shed bullet comparator in excellent condition £30 Posted
  10. Today
  11. Reloader54

    More scottish bans being proposed

    not wishing to show preference to either side here,,, but given the name of this forum it seems a strange dialog within at times.
  12. Andrew

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    I have not seen the S&B on this side of the wet, but I can offer two big thumbs-up on the Norma. The Norma 130 is amazingly accurate from all of my Creedmoors.~Andrew
  13. Re-Pete

    Palma brass

    I switched to Palma a few years ago..............case life was around 25% better, and MV's higher. Typically 3050fps with 155grain bullets and RS52. In addition, I was able to use one type of SR primer in all the calibres that I shoot, and bulk-buy. (Murom KVB-223M) I haven't found any consistent pattern when comparing group size to ES or SD. I've had tiny groups with a huge ES, and vice versa. I sold my 308 earlier this year.....I find 6.5x47 and 6x47 better all round for my style of shooting (Plinky-plonking at 300, 600, and 1000yds) Pete
  14. 1. Southern guns .223 AR Side cocking, hogue butt, hogue pistol grip, samson fore grip, surefire muzzle brake, magpul sling attachment. Low round count, lightweight sound reliable rifle. 3 x Pmags and a handful of the metal & plastic 20 & 30 round mags included. £1050 happy to split RFD fee There is a Sig Sauer Tango sight available to go with it if need be. 2. Heckler & Kock 416 Slightly different to the bog standard one, long stock, (strike industries) and the standard bird cage muzzle break has been swapped for a mil spec one. 3 magazines can provide additional mags if wanted. £600 - happy to split RFD fee 3. .22LR Grand power Xtrim 4 block mags, holster rig, trijicon red dot Superb condition Complete kit £995 or will break down if not all wanted. again happy to split RFD costs. Ruger Old Army, converted to nitro so no more grubby Black powder. Complete with loading kit, powder measure, holster & spare pachmeyer grip. Fantastic pistol, won the lancs and cumbria Div 1 pistol league for the last 5 seasons with it. £675 - Once more, happy to split RFD fee Ive not put dozens of photos up, if interested give me a shout on 07780 777880 and I'll gladly email or WhatsApp more pics
  15. No i deer

    Ranging on stickledown

    The question was asked to the NRA a day or 2 ago and the reply was we don't know 😁. I can recall other club mates ranging the target board from the firing points years ago and they were getting 999yds/1000yds which is the +/- tolerances on there rangefinder so they then knew there rangers were reading correctly.....
  16. 'customercare.uk@zeiss.com' based in Cambridge
  17. Artiglio

    Ranging on stickledown

    Would the obvious approach not be to ask the NRA? Rick Wells is i believe the range manager and if he doesn’t know would likely be able to find out.
  18. I imported 3 of these from the states, they worked out at £46 each after tax etc. This one is surplus, so for sale at £46. I will cover the postage
  19. Popsbengo

    Ranging on stickledown

    could you get an estimate from Google Earth using their measuring tool? I've found it to be accurate to better than a foot
  20. Reecy

    Ranging on stickledown

    Good question-that occurred to me some time ago specific to Stickledown, I will be interested to see what somebody comes up with as a true distance to 🎯 thanks Reecy
  21. Popsbengo

    More scottish bans being proposed

    MJR, I'm not. Let me just reiterate - I have nothing against hunting and vermin control if done sensibly and ethically. I'm fed up with an assumption by some, who enjoy the wholesale shooting of wildlife, that they can expect me and others of my point of view, to dumbly support their firearms rights and put out of my mind the fact I don't agree with what they do. I also don't think there's any practical relevance either, after all what does this "support" look like? Am I to ally myself to persons who make offensive and dumb comments - I don't think so. It's just a fact of life that the majority of the population are anti shooting for a variety of emotional and some rational reasons. Surly the best approach is to win hearts and minds not fling abuse around and accuse those proposing opposing legislation of being "like nazis". Take a leaf out of the 50Cal shooters group who put an excellent case together and won based on rational argument.
  22. Spot the dog

    WARD 800s

    Can I have photos darreandandreaglaeser@hotmail.co.uk thank Darren
  23. MJR

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Popsebengo, why are you actively promoting a split between different branches of shooting? As I have stated in other posts I am not in receipt of the facts relating to a specific image but it seems neither are you?
  24. Mac.308

    Wilcox G24 NVG arm

    Hi all, It’s a long shot (no pun) but I’m looking for a genuine Wilcox G24 NVG mounting arm if anyone has one they’d part with. I have cash to buy and also a Norotos AKA2 arm to trade. Only want the 24 cause it’s more low profile. Thanks
  25. MJR

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Pete, are you in receipt of the full facts? What acerage were the hares taken from and why? What was the density of the hare population prior to the 'industrial scale slaughter' you refer to. I do not know these facts but expect they were influential in the decision to remove the hares from the ground. If you do know them then please share. If you don't know these facts are you in a position to comment in such a manner?
  26. Re-Pete

    More scottish bans being proposed

    There's a big difference in my book between someone walking round with a gun taking a few rabbits and the odd muntjac or pheasant for the pot, and industrial scale slaughter by the lowlife who simply enjoy killing and are willing to pay in order to do so, "legally" or otherwise. Rabbits, unlike mountain hares, are in the same league as grey squirrels, not a native species. Introduced during the Roman occupation, afaik. As for the mountain hares: Protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. Priority Species under the UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework. Pete
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