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  2. Macmillian A3 ajustible. For atlas T3/T3X Fully bedded with pillars by Dave wylde, Running AICS bottom metal also fully inletted and bedded by Dave. Fits standard Varmint profile perfectly, flush cup to th rear and sling stud on forend, in excellent if not new condition, no mag included in the sale £565 posted
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  4. Here for sale is my X-Ray Chassis in black to fit a Tikka Short Action. The chassis is in a used but good condition with only one real blemish on the underside (see photo). The chassis is a straight bolt in job for any tikka short actions and will accept AICS mags. It will come with the Action Screws, original instructions and the extra 'large' grips. The chassis will also come WITH the Spigot adaptor, which has a small pic rail already mounted. The chassis currently retail at around 600 quid in the UK and the spigot mount is an extra £140.... so grad yourself a bargain at only £420 posted (UK). PM if interested.
  5. furrybean

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Deprime stainless tumble anneal Body size Bushing neck size trim deburr and chamfer
  6. Montey

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    So no denial or out raged comment from op what Bradders says 👀
  7. Berger arrived safe and sound 👍 john
  8. ok no problem mate just let me know, thanks James
  9. Catch-22

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    1. Deprime 2. Tumble in walnut media 3. Brush necks out with nylon brush & check flasholes 4. Anneal (usually every time) 5. Full length size (FL Whidden die has a neck bushing inside it) 6. Use Sinclair Expander Mandrel on necks 7. Trim & deburr 8. Prime 9. Charge & seat In addition, keeping reloading notes and tying it all in with your range notes, chronograph readings and targets are all key imho.
  10. That's very interesting! I may have to look more closely into this Gluv
  11. I don't know yet...too early to tell. I'm using Norma brass for the .338 Norma Mag. I too anneal every time, so we shall see. I think a big thing to note is that with RS powders, I've found they operate at a lower pressure whilst delivering a higher velocity. I have found with Vhit N140 in my 6.5x47 barrel, I can get good velocity but it is at the top end of pressure. Many here on the forum who are using RS52 in the same cartridge experience higher velocity than me, but for lower pressure. What would be interesting is to see whether barrel life is more detrementally affected by heat of explosion (so the Joules of energy imparted by the powders ignition) or the amount of pressure developed. One would naturally assume it's both, but I wonder if one is worse for barrels than the other. If, hypothetically, pressure was worse than just heat, the RS powders (which seem to produce lower pressure) could be the key...despite their higher energy ratings than say a cooler burning powder (e.g. I'm thinking RS80 compared to Vhit 165).
  12. Price drop to £200. Genuine buyers can test the rifle out local to me if required.
  13. Brillo

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Wire wool neck Decap and full length size. Run neck mandrel through necks. Anneal every third firing or so.
  14. Bump. £450, but open to offers.
  15. Ballistol

    GAP Tempest 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Stunning looking rifle, I’m sure it’s new owner will be delighted 👍
  16. VarmLR

    Lyman Gen 6

    As above. My first one went awry (manufacturing defect) and I was given anew one...no problems since.
  17. Finished this one today. The rifle was designed as a CSR gun, but would do admiral duty on the McQueens line or tactical rifle comps. The heart of it, is a GAP Tempest action. Unique bit of kit. Basically a custom AI clone. It has 6 lugs, and a breech ring. Fixed lug, and a 60 degree bolt lift, which is light, from fired. I have to say, running dummy rounds through it, from the shoulder, its the fastest cycling action i've ever used. Barrel is a Bartlien 1 in 8" twist, rem varmint profile, finished at around 25.5". Threaded m18 x 1 and invisible capped, and one of my 3 port brakes. It would have been sacrilege to paint the DLC coated action, so it was left, and the barrel, shroud etc, done in Cerakote graphite black. The trigger is a bix n andy tacsport model, and their usual stunning quality. The action will run both AICS and AW magazines. The AW was chosen , because its shorter, and smoother. They are however, more difficult to set up, as there is less case head contact for the bolt head. I spent a full day, dummy running the action and floor plate, getting the pillar heights exactly right, then bedding the floor plate into the stock. The action was then bedded into the stock. This is the spec I would pick personally, but try as I might, I can't justify yet another gun !
  18. Can’t believe these haven’t sold
  19. VarmLR

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Pretty much as above: Tumble de-prime Anneal F/L size Trim/chamfer/debur/clean primer pockets Ultrasonic clean
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