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  2. Chris-NZ

    Glass wearers

    The problem with that is when you're lined up along the butt looking through the scope, you're using the upper portion of spec lenses. Having to hold your head way up isn't what you need..
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  4. BallisticsBoy

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    Hi Guys, Which digital powder dispenser would you recommend? I’m currently using a Lyman Gen 6 which is constantly short measuring, and drifting (which requires constant recalibration). Are there any which are known for their reliability? Cam.
  5. Scotch_egg

    .308 Target rounds

    RichieW your original post refers to N135 now you are referring to N550 and N150. Are you using N135 or was it a typo?
  6. A shame ballistics by the inch haven't got to the .17 Hornet yet! I'm also interested, having picked up a CZ 527 varmint recently, which is 24" out of the box and trimming some weight is tempting. As the optimal barrel length for HMR velocity is 19" I can't see it being less than 20"? It would be interesting to see optimal burn characteristics for common powders. If any kind soul happens to have Quick Load handy, I would be very interested to see the difference between N110 and N120 relative to 20/22/24" barrel lengths, I have a load of 17gn VMAX heads to play with and musing which powder to go for, Viht is always available my way. Edit: came across some 24" data velocity data here https://forum.nosler.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=25829 be great to see some different barrel lengths for 17gn.
  7. tonyshooter

    12 Ga Semi Auto with rifle sights

    Hi, I realise that this may not be in the correct listing, however, I am wanting a 12 ga semi auto shot gun ( SGC or FAC ) with rifle sights. I have a legitimate sporting use for such a gun, however, I am failing to source one. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tony
  8. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Works great for me ,N550 for the heavies then onto N150 as it comes in bulk containers .
  9. 17 Rem

    Load for 6mmBR

    N140 data for the lighter bullets is hard to come by, but it works well. I use N140 with 70 grain bullets.
  10. Thanks Dave. I'll get the editing pen out, and tell the other Dave. Cheers. Dave
  11. Woodlander

    Load for 6mmBR

    N135 is more suitable for the lighter bullets,I have a load for 75 Vmax. N140 would be suitable for the heavier bullets. I'm running low on Varget and shall soon be trying 140 with 105 Amax. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.
  12. Webby

    Murom kvb223 old copper coloured ones.

    HPS don't admit to having any. They are the old copper coloured ones rumoured to be last made in 2011!
  13. Montey

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I have not tried any other IR but the NM800 or though I will now look at this as an option.Scot country are showing a lazer that's £500 it's meant to be invisible!
  14. Its a std 2 port Valkyrie brake Dave.
  15. could you send me some pics please ? Thanks Colin
  16. Laurie

    .308 Target rounds

    I'm not saying it's unsuitable, rather sub-optimal as it was designed for a lower bullet weight. But it's still a free country (just) and you're welcome to use any powder you fancy in the cartridge as long as it's safe, and N135 is safe enough as long as the manufacturer's loadings are adhered to. You won't find any serious long-range 308 shooting competitors using it though.
  17. Boryx

    Tikka M690/695 stock

    Unfortunately its not at Tikka T3.... No one having and old stock from a custom-build they don't use? I mean a original wooden stock? //Bo
  18. Richiew

    Glass wearers

    just started using glasses to read with and got away without proper glasses to shoot with until i got eyes tested and prescription for normal sight is +0.5 for far stuff and +2 for reading .Using varifocals can be making a problem in that once adjusted for a clear reticle if I move my head a little the bottom part of the ret goes blurry ( small lens area normal day glasses ) so got same prescription in some shooting glasses more like aviator style and as theres more glass area the varifocal is over a bigger glass area so a bit less pronounced area of change in magnification . was thinking a more simple pair of glasses with +0.5 top area and + 2 bottom part would be the best compromise .hope this is of use
  19. Tikka 260

    Canada Contact

    Andy, Richard Near springs to mind, as he’s always been very helpful to me in the past. Worth an ask if you’re stuck? Otherwise , I have hunting friends in NB and NFL who may be able to help P
  20. Got a varmint synthetic stock ...not sure if HS though, bottom metal too I think
  21. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Curiosity got the better of me so ordered the hornady coentricity gauge . lovely bit of kit ! .tested my loads today and the last batches made using the forster dies in 308 with 155 tmks ,155 amax ,155 lapua L and normal scenars also berger 175s and 185s ALL were less than 3 thou run out most 1 thou , so very happy with my home loads .
  22. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Hi All seen this from a link on the lapua web page to its other partners of the nammo group ie lapua berger sk and viht powders , under the N135 info -quote [ if you have never tried N135 with a 155gr open tip match bullet its time to do it ! ] . why would a powder manufacturer of such good reputation put in its tables something which isnt suitable . Also why is Varget quoted for just about everything , is this some kind of wonder powder ? .when choosing powders whats the holy grail to be looking at, is it FPS or going with the accuracy load quoted . Berger manual covers lots of powders for each bullet weight , are a lot of these powders therefore unsuitable even though their burn rates seem to be very mismatched although bulk density does make the difference . viht web accuracy loads for 155s =N540/N140 170s= N140 185s =N140 /N550 Got the flak jacket ready Cheers
  23. looking for a left handed H S Precision Rem 700 SA stock condition not that important as long as it's all there .Thanks Colin
  24. drum

    Glass wearers

    I dont know about getting glasses.i'm kind of enjoying my new found reason for missing to be honest.
  25. banus02

    Murom kvb223 old copper coloured ones.

    dont know if this helps ,i bought a few thousand from hps,they will possibly be at bisley this coming weekend.
  26. Final price reduction before it is goes off to the RFD
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