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  2. Kalahari, Don't sweat it, Mark (aka 'Bradders') has all the subtlety of a throw brick on the keyboard but good in real life and builds rather good AR based rifles. T
  3. Mark, Think it is the consistency of your banter that perhaps is the the thing that hits the occasional nerve. It appears that if its not CSW then it is not shooting? In the past the issue with the NRA that if it was not at Bisley and canvas clad coffin dodgers shooting TR (calm down this is a caricature !!) then it was of no importance, this was fixed a while back with 'the regions' now being taken into account Bisley does appear to be underused but some of us luckily have local ranges and clubs that sort a whole slew of very different competitions throughout the year, both indoor short to outdoor long that's in addition to going to Bisley (mid and long range) plus the odd over-nighter down to Orion. So long as someone is enjoying themselves safely I don't give two toots on a rag mans horn what they shoot or how. But concur I wish a few more shooters should 'compete' even at their local club , a lot of effort goes into arranging comps. Terry ps sorting out a 300MN to go and do some long range but accurate 'plinky-plonking' because I want to
  4. Well I am sorry if I caused offence by being thin skinned but often the only way people know you are jesting is to use emojis. There is no tone or smile on the web. Also Bradders to be fair you had just been rude about someone because he hadn't said thankyou. Maybe he should have, maybe he just forgot but you certainly didn't give out the feeling that you joked a lot and then the post about people shooting at short ranges sounded fairly abrasive to me. David.
  5. Bob57

    .20 practical

    Thanks for that fizz, I'm hoping I can get mine shooting well with vn133, as that's what shoots good in my .204 and fireball, be nice to use one powder for all 3. That's a good speed for 24 grns with 39 sbk's and 22" tube, I've decided 23" on mine. Your rifle sounds nice, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the pard nv008 , sounds like a good unit for the money!!
  6. bigboodydaddy

    TEIR 34MM Long saddle unimount

    Wanted teir one long saddle unimount in 34mm if any one has one they want to part with must be as new condition
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  8. That bald headed Geordie

    Where is everybody?

    Hi All. I recently had an experience like this on Arsebook. A guy from up here puts old photos on and they are very interesting of locations, people etc in the North East. A few days ago he put a photo of school children taken in the early 1900s. They looked improverished and not exactly very healthy. My brand of humour simply couldn't resist and I commented 'Rickets R us'. It only took a few hours when some lady treehugger/PC type commented L.Prior...not funny. I did reply directly to the person to say calm down and do not take things so seriously. I went on to say that I have a school photo of my class taken in 1958 and that a few of the boys looked as though they actually had Rickets. So it is very easy to take things the wrong way and then the sh** hits the fan and before you know it the Teddy bears are being flung and the backbiting begins. No doubt it will happen again on here and other websites. 6BR Accurate Shooter website has its fair share of this and the Yanks do have a serious go at each other until someone gets banned. It is very boring so come on chaps, we are British and made of sterner stuff. Let's not hurt each other, unless you like that kind of crap lol. Be happy and enjoy your type of shooting. PS. I LOVE BENCHREST AND F CLASS. COMMENTS AWAITED WITH INTEREST!!!! TTFN.
  9. justin credible

    Seb Pod-Pad

    You really only need to fill the 2 outer pockets with sand. Any sand is fine and only fill them about half full so that your bipod runners are able to track nicely in them rather than sliding about on the top of them if you understand what I mean.
  10. It is a plex reticle sorry, have changed post name now to show this Thanks Jon
  11. It certainly does on here, I’ve never known a forum quite like it 🙄
  12. Reticle is? BR or BRH or? Thanks JCS
  13. good afternoon gentlemen,i would love to spend 4 hours shooting at bisley but the costs prevent me from doing so! the £15 for four hours i could do ,even the fuel for a 120 mile round trip but the joining cost of bisley stop me i shoot almost every day but from 10 to 80 yards on average ,now and again a bit further on pest control but as work not pleasure,i do fancy the idea of shooting at longer distance but would not know how! and think i have to do a course to get a certificate then some other training before i could shoot at bisley.i have phoned bisley a couple of times over the years but always seem to meet a brick wall as to the actual cost involved.i know if i shoot a 100 rounds i know how much that cost and i know the time/fuel costs but nothing else.ie i pay for some one to say if i hit the target ,pay for target pay for some one to be in the butts etc,bradders sorry for your illness and i hope you are as comfortable as possible life for some is short,my son was 23 when he died and life for some is long BUT we all leave the planet at some point but hope we tried to treat people as we want to be treated.may your god be with you.
  14. Email and message posts: Banter gets taken out of context so easily. Perhaps better to not try and be funny as there's always someone getting peed off in the end. In the context of communication it's what's received that matters, not what's intended. IMO let everyone enjoy their sport how they wish, without ranking our personal preferences higher than others.
  15. He’s having a go at me because I’m not permitted to say things in jest and he genuinely doesn’t like me, but not to worry my illness will get the better of me sooner rather than later and then he can rest easy that I’m not around
  16. Not your post in particular - there is a drip drip drip of sectarianism in our sport ! No hypertension here. Rather the opposite - I am off to Shot Show in Las Vegas tomorrow. I shall spend a day on the range and 5 days walking the booths. No doubt, I will come across vendors with things that dont float my boat. And I will just walk by. I wont feel the need to blunder in and tell them they are doing it wrong ! It would be refreshing to see certain negative individuals do the same, online.
  17. Madhatter

    Seb Pod-Pad

    Is anyone using one of these pads? I could do with some advice regarding filling with sand: - do I fill all 4 pads? and should I use heavy sand, ordinary sand or another medium Thanks
  18. Jeez H christ, how touchy can you lot get??? I never dreamt that my post would give rise to so much hypertension.................I thought shooters were made of sterner stuff. Pete
  19. until I saw this post I really thought I had stumbled on a bit of banter between mates, if I'm wrong then this is a post I have to agree 100%. so many shooting folk willing to throw other disciplines "under the bus", maybe brexit got everyone fired up for a bit of "dick swinging"
  20. shush, let them think we haven't anything up North. As regards Bradders saying we have a chip, well I'm well balanced - a chip on both shoulders 🤣
  21. Pete, no offence taken here. If/when I have more time I intend to spend more time shooting but probably not at Bisley simply because I can shoot locally or when I choose to travel its for a different type of shooting than that offered at Bisley. Your interest in experimenting is similar to mine and I find it very enjoyable, not pushed a 223 to longer ranges though. Breacher sums it all up very well.
  22. Swarovski 5-30x50 z6 Unsure if its a gen 1 or gen 2 I'm afraid Comes boxed with paper work and is in very good condition, no visible mount marks or any other cosmetic marks. Lenses are also in good condition also and has always had front and rear flip up covers on it. I can't seem to upload any pictures from my phone so any pictures needed or other information I can provide through email. First time posting an item for sale so hope this advert is compliant with group rules. £1200 delivered anywhere in mainland UK Thanks Jon
  23. Well said David. All this holier than thou bullshit gets tiresome. Each to their own ! Growing up in Ireland I thought I had experienced sectarianism..........then I became a shooter in the UK and realised I had seen nothing yet ! 90% of my shooting is competitive, be it CSR or the NRA run matches a few times per year. The rest is vermin and deer stalking. I dont particularly enjoy "plinking" but would not dream of looking down on those who enjoy it. Or claiming that my way of enjoying my hobby is superior / is "Gods way" :-/ Crack on and enjoy your shooting - be it unsupported or off a bipod, 100 yards or 1000 yards, F-class or CSR, airsoft or airgun, camo or leather etc etc etc And if you have nothing good to say about your fellow shooters choice of shooting, how about saying nothing at all !!
  24. "Fighting amongst ourselves???" Blimey, I just asked a simple question in order to try and understand why a world class range was empty on a perfect shooting morning. Apologies if I've offended anyone.............. Pete
  25. fizzbangwhallop

    .20 practical

    I use 39gn blitzkings and worked up to 24grns of N133 with CCI400 primers and seated to 1.923" on the ogive using a shooting shed comparator. Thats in a 22" 1:11 pacnor super match stainless and gives me just under the 3700fps mark. All in a Sako A1 with a piccatiny rail in a macmillan stock and put together by Neil Mckillop.......very nice! Expecting a Pard NV008 to go on top this week....looking forward to that! Cheers Fizz
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