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  2. Beardog

    178 ELD-X load data

    Hi Anyone using N140 or N150 with 308 178 ELD-X? If so what MV are you getting. Many thanks.
  3. Remmy308

    Vortex viper PST 2 or Razor HD gen 2

    Cheers for the input guys.!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I've had the rifle for a number of years and will try to find my original FAC entry to give you an accurate age. Condition ios very good, I used it for a couple of years but then bought a match rifles for F Class, so after that was seldom used. Round count is circa 1000 based on how long I used it, but I didn't keep a round count record. It is really accurrate at 600yds and I think all Police models hold tight groups.
  5. Today
  6. For those asking it will fit any sako 75 action iii rifle. The barrel channel is standard for the grs stock and has not been modified.
  7. Withdrawn with thanks
  8. Popsbengo

    Tier One 30mm Low Rings WANTED

    My Tier One mount is still available!
  9. Malinois

    Tier One 30mm Low Rings WANTED

    Listed on the Tier One site but all sorted now thanks.
  10. Woodlander

    Tier One 30mm Low Rings WANTED

    Not sure Tier One make a low ring. Just medium and high,I think.
  11. Treedave

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    I’ve just got one from raptor on here. Takes a couple of weeks but is nicely made and no chance of knocking cases over once in the holder.
  12. All bought for project(s) that didn’t get used. Hs precision stock with tier one bottom metal for Rem 700 SA or clones (takes AI/aics mags). Good condition but needs re bedding for new action and finishing round bottom metal. Wide ‘varmint’ barrel channel. £150 5 round 308 AI mag £50 https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/collections/ai-magazines/products/7-62mm-308-5-shot-magazine-6852 PTG rem 700 SA bottom metal £75 http://pacifictoolandgauge.com/remington-700-detachable-mag-bottom-metal-dbm/5209-remington-short-action-sa-tactical-stealth-m5-detach-mag-bottom-metal.html Borden alpine 20 moa rail pvd coated black inc screws £100 Would fit rem 700 SA or clones. all prices include post to mainland uk Photos on request by email
  13. One on top of two

    Vortex viper PST 2 or Razor HD gen 2

    To do 1200 yards with my creedmoor I Needed 12.5 Mrad /43 ish MOA . Before I put my 20 moa rail on I had around 17-18 mrad so even with a flat rail and mounts I can STILL do it 👍, your be fine . P.s the above is with a 136 scenar.
  14. Temporary price change before withdraw of sale.
  15. https://www.formriflestocks.co.uk/stocks/hardwood-ply-shooting-benches As long as the grounds level these are excellent, flat pack and chuck in back of truck in about 30 seconds. Solid as.
  16. Hi looking to see if there is anyone selling a set of 6.5 x55 reloading dies , and or used brass thanks in advance Rob
  17. No idea, its goes 19.2 as offered, with the H5 , so around 14 ish
  18. What is the weight without additional weights please?
  19. Not that cheeky.
  20. No problem, just checking your not away for a couple months.
  21. Kipper

    223 accurate mag

    223 accurate mag..
  22. Back late tonight, can check very first in the morning if that's OK with you.
  23. Remmy308

    Vortex viper PST 2 or Razor HD gen 2

    So it’s safe to say the PST 2 isn’t a million miles off the clarity of the razor and if I’m only pushing out to 1200 I’ll have plenty of elevation
  24. How long are you away from home for?
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