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  2. Atlas bi pod

    I have just purchased a Fortmeier from Breacher on here and it’s fantastic well built and very stable not a bit of flexing anywhere, good purchase I’m well pleased I waited I normally buy the first thing I see, went to the shooting with buying a bipod in mind after looking at quite a few including the Atlas I just couldn’t part with the money for it. When I see the Fortmeier I knew that was my bipod so shelled out some beer tokens and was not disappointed. Kevgun
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  4. Atlas bi pod

    I guess it depends on what shooting you're doing. If mostly stalking, I'd favour the Harris. Harris is quick to deploy and personally I felt more robust and stable than the Atlas. Personally, I was disappointed by the amount of flex in the Atlas when legs extended - especially at the price point. if you're target shooting, especially at distance and so require the stability - do yourself a favour and spend the extra on a Fortmeier. The legs are wider and so more stable than either the Atlas or Harris. It has a beefier construction and has a better attachment point than the others. You also don't need to preload, rather you let the rifle push back with recoil and so you don't run into issues of over torquing or 'forcing' the shot IMO.
  5. Atlas bi pod

    They work completely different to a Harris. It’s not just smoke and mirrors. The Atlas needs to preloaded in order to obtain optimal consistency. This takes a lot of practice especially when on a hunting rifle. It isn’t often you are presented with a nicely mown position to go down prown and get yourself ready. The Harris is far quicker to deploy yet has the springs to twang. If you can get behind one before buying. There are an unlimited number of go faster bits on the internet. At the end of the day they both do the same thing provide an elevated stable shooting platform.
  6. .223 barrel cleaning

    You should always clean your barrel when switching from one brand of ammo to another.
  7. .223 barrel cleaning

    Anyways, bitching aside. I picked up the howa today, cleaned the barrel before putting a round through it. Wasn't actually necessary as it was clean as a whistle. With hornandy 40 grn vmax clover leaf groups easily achieved at 100 yds, however I decided to try some Norma 50,s again vmax heads, these did not group half as well so I went back to the hornandy, now it would only produce touching groups but nearer to an inch. Gave the barrel a good run through with the brush and solvent and plenty of patches, I will see if things are back to clover leaf tomorrow with the hornandy.
  8. Atlas bi pod

    It might sound poncey, but they just look better and work better. No springs sticking out, more easily adjustable and just pleasingly machined. If you can afford one, buy one, Regards, Jon
  9. Atlas bi pod

    They are better than the Harris but you could buy four Harris bipods for the same price .I have one and like it but it was £280
  10. Hi guys currently using Harris bi pods on both my rifles, thinking about changing to a atlas pod to use on both. My question is are they really worth the money and what will they do that a Harris pod want thanks in advance
  11. He says £950 for the T3 in his post last Saturday.
  12. I have 100x .308win LAPUA brass. Twice fired, deprimed and tumbled. £35 includes p&p to UK mainland. Cheers
  13. new .223 time

    Indeed, Deker....many compromises to consider. It'll boil down to your needs. FYI I have fired 75g Hornady ELD's out of a CZ varmint laminate at 525yds without any problem whatsoever. I will say however that its sweetest bullet is the 69g smk (at least in mine) which excels at 300yds - I have not tried the 69g smk out any further Also the stock of the CZ trounces the Tikka T3X...I have a special order Super-Varmint T3X in 24" with the set-trigger (although be it in .308) ..and it goes without saying the adjustable stock of the Super-Varmint is a great benefit and is indeed a superbly accurate rifle but, 'in the hands' the feel of the CZ I find is way superior. And I'm saying this as a Tikka 'fan'. Incidentally, all the CZ's I've seen easily hold their own against the Tikka accuracy speaking - I have found no discernible difference between the two Good luck with your choice/dilemma
  14. new .223 time

    1:9 is unsuitable for 77's
  15. Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?

    You could be good at smiling Ian... Wait til you learn to laugh which is my favourite thing.it makes you feel good
  16. thumbole hole conversion for AI AT pale brown

    im sorted now..cheers
  17. new .223 time

    Hi, the price of the CZ is very good and I did look at them at the shooting show but wasn't sure about the 1:9 twist
  18. New Tikka rimfire

    That's lighter than my factory t3x ctr adjustable stock . It weighs 923 grams.
  19. new .223 time

    Value for money? - you'll be hard pressed to better it https://www.czub.cz/en/cz-527-night-sky-edition.html
  20. Photon Yukon 6.5x50 xt only used twice on my hmr and air rifle purchased new December 2017 comes with all the bits and box bargain at £320 posted
  21. donor wsm action/ full rifle

    Hi all looking for a Single shot donor custom action with mag bolt for wsm is preferred or could be interested in a full rifle in 7mm wsm if it is what I am looking for? F/class- bench rest rifle configuration cheers jonathan
  22. mag conversion

    Hi Steve what do you want for the mag . Pete.
  23. Hi could I take the 30mm 10moa short saddle please can you pm me payment details. cheers
  24. Biathlon Rifles?

    We thinks you'll find those clever Finns have it sorted already... http://lynxrifles.fi
  25. new .223 time

    You don't need anything faster than a 1:8 to shoot 77SMK's or TMK's
  26. new .223 time

    Thanks, I'll look at both options, I did read a thread about going the custom route with a T3 but in all honesty I'm a little lost as to where to start with donor actions etc and will probably end up buying the wrong things again :/ But I'll take a look again and see what I can find, I do like the idea of going that route as I was planning on doing similar with an xbolt due to the 1:12 twist being wrong (form rifle stock and custom barrel). I'll also check the Sabatti out. Regards Derek
  27. new .223 time

    I would go for custom 1:7 or 1:7:5 Bartlein barrel on a T3 donor and if you want put it in a new T3X Adj Varmint stock, all of which I just happen to have. You could have any barrel length and profile for very little more than a new Super Varmint and my accuracy guarantee is far better than Tikka
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