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  2. lapua

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    Style, ergonomics, quality, hinge strength, feel - i just didnt like it.
  3. Woodlander

    6mm BR build

    As Scotch_egg says,for mid range accuracy the 6br is hard to beat and easy to load for.
  4. Today
  5. Dellboy, a 50" aim bag inside a 1750 peli case works with a 26" barrelled rifle with room to spare with a brake fitted.
  6. I bought a monomount from Rick, no problem.
  7. One on top of two

    Would you be confident with this for 1000m ??

    I’m not surprised 🤔😂 I’m only a mere 106 ft ASL
  8. Used Savage Mod 12, F Class Stock. Professionally custom painted - Blue with slight silver flake (sparkle). Small chip right fore end, easily repaired/touched up (see pic). Stock has had a bipod stud fitted to fore end. £200 + postage
  9. I purchased 2 x piccy rails, 1 X TRG & 1 X Tikka T3, & also a set of 1" rings. All arrived well packed and were as described. Kind regards Bob.
  10. Used, stainless steel, barrel, removed from a Savage, Mod 12, F Class 6.5 x .284. complete with nut/collar. Approx 250 shots from new. £230 + transfer fee RFD to RFD
  11. Andrew

    Would you be confident with this for 1000m ??

    I'm shooting Nosler RDF 175's to 1000 without a problem @ 3200 ft elevation.~Andrew
  12. Original Seb Rest. Virtually unused. Complete with original front and rear bags. The rear bag has some minor wear & light scuff marks. Aluminium carry case. Bags will be emptied of sand for postage. £600 + postage ( Approx £25 - £30 depending on how you prefer it sent) or can collect from Aberdeen.
  13. has any one who send the money actually received any of these mounts?
  14. I will confirm which one I am moving on when I get back, along with pictures to any interested parties.
  15. Woodlander

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    I’ve not seen or handled any of the stocks mentioned and I’m only considering the MDT and the XLR,the Tikka comparison was only thrown in there as in the internet photos it does look nice and it may be of interest to a guy on the forum, who’s thinking to buy a new Tikka tac 6.5cm and pull the barrel to replace it with a 6br.
  16. Deposit received Jamie ... ill get pictures to you tomorrow night .. I should get home around 1830hrs all being well with flights
  17. Dunc

    Tikka tac chassis v after market chassis

    Can you elaborate on this comparison please? i know 4 people with Tikka TACs and they are delighted with them.
  18. DaveT

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    I use Boron in my 6mm SLR that Baldie built for me . Given barrel costs these days its in hopes of an extended life for a relative barrel-burner. Can I scientifically prove extended barrel life..no. Application is dead easy and no great effort and its clean. There is little or no fouling of carbon and copper. To me its worth the minimal effort and it shoots really well.
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