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  2. Hello John,

    Is RPA still based at Tonbridge? I had a helluva job finding them a few years ago...........


  3. Anyone going to freeze their nuts off on Sunday. I thought I might take the No4 and perhaps my .223 if my myopia and iron sights don't allow me to see/hit the tin men with the .303 😂 I don't usually bother with G but give the lack of shooting lately you've got to take what you can 😁
  4. Brilliant - thanks! I've spent ages searching for the right thing over the years to try and get another pair! Plenty on ebay but sure the quality won't be as good as the link above
  5. To avoid confusion. The ARMS and Bipod for £55 +p&p grab a bargain.
  6. parabellum

    Burris XTR III 5.5-30x56 FFP

    Looking for above -mentioned scope. Anybody ?
  7. As in title. Purchased from the US. Brand new never used Genuine Harris 6-9 Bipod with a ARMS picatinny rail mount adaptor. (No bag or paperwork) £55 plus posting
  8. Also willing to split the Marlin package £350 for the rifle £125 for the Vortex scope and rail and £50 for the dies cases and bullets and loaded ammunition if face to face and you have authority.
  9. Mark II

    Latest purchase

    I will probably go with a SWFA SS10x42. as I want a fixed power and it has good reviews in my price range
  10. kaduflyer

    221 fireball cases

    #1 Looking to buy few 221 fireball cases to practice necking down to 17 fireball
  11. John DCR

    RPA rifles

    hi guys just a quick update here are some of the barrel prices for you BARREL PRICE LIST.pdf
  12. Tikka m595 hunter 243 cal r/h 22 inch barrel. This gun is ( UNFIRED ) never shot as new £525. CAN EMAIL PICTURES
  13. Furyan

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Will do Thanks
  14. John Nastasa

    AICS .308 magazines

    This magazines are still for sale?
  15. Catch-22

    VhitN140- 123grn

    N140 is an excellent powder, I have no doubt you’ll find a good load. In my experience you can go a fair bit higher than Lapua load data. But be careful as things can spike fairly quickly. I’d suggest loading in 0.3gn increments. Good luck! 👍
  16. Nick 53

    Latest purchase

    Nice. What scope are you getting. Thanks nick
  17. Yesterday
  18. One on top of two

    Latest purchase

    Love it 😍
  19. chaz

    Latest purchase

    Very nice indeed! 👍
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