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  1. Yesterday
  2. Realise it's a pretty old post.
  3. Hiya, is this still for sale? Cheers.
  4. Price reduced to £1525 + postage
  5. Marvin

    Wtb KRG Spigot/ NV Cap

  6. Love,y looking piece....
  7. For sale NEW NEVER USED6-9 inchesUltralight and lightning quick. The bipod attaches to the sling swivel by a screw-up clamp. Manufactured from heat treated and hardened alloys. Series S bipods rotate to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground.Lowest of the Bipods. Designed for shooting off the bench. Height adjustable from 6-9 inches.Weight: 13oz£80.00 ONO Posted
  8. Bob57

    3 shot magazine

    Wanted for tikka 595 in .17rem / .223
  9. We tried with various edges and notches (number, style etc), using them with and without gloves - finding that the round edge opposite notch idea - seemed to work the best, or perhaps the easiest to adapt to.
  10. Looks way more practical then the long Podlock type that digs into my shoulder. Why not just do a textured outer edge, or have you found the notches better?
  11. Remington 700 VTR .223 tactical bolt knob & two piece weaver bases. shoots well and in good condition, the stock is a little tatty as it had been painted by a previous owner, most of the paint is off now, also two holes drilled at the top of the stock, Hence price- £400
  12. bigyin


    Thanks for all reply’s lads , jcampbellSmith is kindly picking me up a tub and bringing it with him when he comes down to my neck of the woods the Moro 👍
  13. We have been working on a Harris bipod adapter for a little while. We toyed with a prototype alloy version, but eventually settled on a brass (black cerakoated) version - 6 spoke/inlet. It is a direct replacement for the factory option, but it works far more effectively to apply bipod tension on the Harris S bipods. We are testing the water, to see if there is an interested UK market for this item. Your feedback would be gratefully received.
  14. lapua

    Rebarreling cost

    Then add some cost for trueing the action
  15. Brushy

    Rebarreling cost

    Wait times and communication have always been key for me. I’d suggest this is factored in to any decision.
  16. Re-Pete

    Rebarreling cost

    Location also comes into it if you want to avoid transfer charges and other shipping risks...........for me, being able to deliver and collect in person is important. Re-Pete
  17. kernel gadaffi

    Best ever pickles ?

    I've been making pickles and chutnies for several years, I use a similar recipe to you, but I jar mine up when the vinegar is still a little warm, put the lids on and invert them to create a vacuum. With moving from a 3 bed terraced house to a bungalow, I've not had the time or the space recently, that will be resolved next year. Over the years, I've made them with a 50/50 mix of pickling vinegar and balsamic, very tasty. I've also made red cabbage, apple and ginger chutney, a very moorish apple and red chilli relish, beetroot and ginger chutney, a spicy chilli picalilli and several other blends, my family look forward to getting them as christmas presents, I've never had any complaints...............yet!
  18. Up for sale is this LMT .308 rifle in excellent condition that doesn't appear to have had much use I acquired it recently and carried out the sidecharger conversion, so that aspect of it is brand new Fitted with the factory 16" 1:11.25 twist stainless barrel amd LMT 2 stage trigger 10rd mag as pictured, but also comes with 1x 20 and 1x 25rd magazine £2700 Also advertised elsewhere
  19. kernel gadaffi

    Site moderator.

    Could one of the site moderators drop me a line please? Thanks. Alan.
  20. weejohn


    Have you tried john @game and country , selkirk ?
  21. As per the title. Thanks Ian
  22. Last week
  23. The 167 Scenar is a high drag bullet by today's standards. It's an excellent design for shorter distances. (There is a whole generation of older 308 bullets in this weight bracket from Sierra, Hornady, Speer, Lapua, Nosler that were designed primarily with 300 metre shooting in mind as hard though it is to imagine now, the 308 was the primary cartridge in the western world in this and similar disciplines before the 6BR Norma arrived in '96 and swept them all aside in ISSF and elsewhere.) I doubt very much if safe MVs from an AI will see it supersonic at 1,000, and certainly not a chance for staying out of transonic speeds. With a 10-deg tail angle it's a better design in this respect than the 168 SMK and similar that run at 12 and up, but is still sharper than optimal. (7 degrees is now widely accepted as ideal here.) The 185 Scenar produces even more drag and isn't a competitive LR design for this reason. There is still a lot to be said for the better 155s in this role, in particular the outstanding Berger 155.5gn BT ........ but that price nowadays, ouch! The newer 155s have short bearing surfaces so can usually be driven fast within acceptable pressures and RS52 will likely give another 50-100 fps over most other available powders, albeit at some wear cost on the barrel at top loadings. The 168 and 175 Sierra TMKs need 1:11 twists ideally, although the 168 will no doubt 'work' at long range in 12 especially in warm conditions. These are completely new designs not modified MKs and are actually pretty VLD-ish in their shapes and with aggressive secant ogive nose sections may or may not prove finicky to 'tune'. The 155, 168 and 178 Hornady ELD-Ms look possibilities on paper, the 178 getting just a tad too long for 12 twist though. I've not heard any feedback on this trio and sadly ELDs of either variety are priced as premium products now. Likewise the new Nosler 175 RDF looks a possibility on paper at any rate, but how it would do in practice? Like the 178 ELD-M, it's a little over-long for 12 twist barrels. The Berger 185 Juggernaut is an outstanding 308 Win LR bullet, marginally stabilised in 1:12 so it loses a little of its potential BC value. Being a popular Berger model, availability and cost issues arise again of course. Of the old 7-calibre radius nose true tangent ogive form Sierra MKs, the 175 will work but only if driven fast enough and it will be transonic at 1,000. RS52 would likely be an excellent propellant for this model producing the neceessary high velocities. The 190 is long known for good transonic speed behaviour and is usually a good choice for the occasional long-range shooter who wants a cheaper bullet.
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