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  2. I forgot to add to the spec of the rifle, that the bolt comes with a small firing pin.
  3. 20series

    Smk options

    Lol no but there's hope for all of us, she had a grin like a cheshire cat.. her 1000 wasnt much different ...
  4. Dies arrived yesterday Steve, thank you. Always as described, and quick. Buy with confidence from this man.😊
  5. Today
  6. gruntus

    Smk options

    Doh! 1/10 twist rate stated already.
  7. Kipper

    Smk options

    Can you promise I'll get a score like that also lol
  8. 20series

    Smk options

    Debs was shooting her 308 with 26inch barrel out to 1000 at the weekend. We get 2535 fps with 41.5gns of N150 200 SMK which is nice to shoot and gets good results. This was at 900.
  9. Hello, I would like to try some Hornady ELD Match 140gr bullets in 6.5mm. Happy to pay or swap for some Lapua scenar 6.5mm 139grn. Thanks
  10. Gungrinner

    Smk options

    My .308 loves 175 TMK for all rages out to 1000.
  11. Kipper

    Smk options

    Yeah I seen them , would have to order online but I do like the scenars
  12. Hi Rick, just checking if you’ve managed to post the bipod? many thanks adam
  13. That’s good news Have used Bullet flight (Knights ballistics ) for a long time and have been considering a change Will look at AB package
  14. igunick

    AXMC wanted

    Hmm interesting! What range could I get with this 'Battleship'-rifle you speak of? 😂 Still looking, might buy a new one next weekend so come on and save me some money 😎😅
  15. Yesterday
  16. 17 Rem

    Forster Ultra Seating Die

    Anyone got a Forster Ultra micrometer seater for sale? Prefer 6x47 Lapua but will consider one for any 6mm calibre or indeed just the micrometer top with a .243" seater plug.
  17. One on top of two

    Smk options

    175 scenar L @ 2700 good for 1 K
  18. Kipper

    Smk options

    On a 24' 1/10 308.. Which seems to get the vote for 500yrds and 800 max 168 smk 175 smk 190 smk. Or variants off.. I'm currently using 155 scenars but I cant get them up too over 2900fps. Been suggested to try a heavy bullet that will get up to speed for its best BC results. Any experience???
  19. Neddle

    Swarovski habicht 3-9x36

    Any interest in a habicht 3-12*50 illuminated scope
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