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  2. Re-Pete

    Worth a read...........

    What's an "onw"? Pete
  3. Armalon Rem 700 in 6.5x47 as follows; 26” fluted hammer forged barrel with muzzle break (425 rnds through it), magnum recoil lug, 20moa pic rail, tactical bolt knob, bolt face has been bushed for small primers, Sako extractor, timiney flat blade trigger, 2 x10rnd & 2 x 20rnd m24 magazines, andshultz rail all in a B&C tactical stock, ( fully adjustable ) To be included circ 150 new Lapua brass plus 150 used twice, set of dies (Redding bushing full length and Forster seating). Reason for sale I’ve an AI AT which I’ve now got a 6.5mm barrel for. price £1,200
  4. Today
  5. seprim

    Rifle stock bedding compound

    Good read, thank you
  6. I test for the tightest groups with nothing on the barrel at all, only when I've found the batch that comes out best do I attach the Magnetospeed for the velocity. The harmonics etc are already sorted
  7. Loading trays, Lapua brass and pistol round boxes sold
  8. dully1963

    CZ 30mm scope mounts

    Sportsmatch TO85 30mm scope mounts to suit CZ 15mm dovetails such as CZ527 and FOX or something similar
  9. Price drop to £1300 posted via RMSD
  10. gunner

    Worth a read...........

    Are you the onw with the spear ?
  11. gazzarM1

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    Absolutely no need to overthink this
  12. Cant remember the chaps name but he was a nice chap , however he viewed the cabinets and i said do you want to cheak each serial number ? ( like its been previously done ) he declined . Now , upon recipient of new tickets they were wrong in 3 different aspects . There not perfect but no one is . Generally tho agree there normally pretty good .
  13. gunner

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    If its wood laminate or synthetic or even a metal chassis of some sort - if it came to it id say its for a film prop , or wooden furniture antique like its been mentioned , where is it going ?
  14. Absolutely Gunner. It's not a wise thing for anyone other than those who need to know that you have firearms at your property. Certainly, at the very least, attention oughtn't to be drawn to it. I've found Glos licensing team very good in this respect.
  15. James 1

    RS62 South Devon

    Fair one I’m wanting to try the rs 60 in my 260 to see what it’s like with the 143grn eld-x
  16. At last, someone speaking sense. Point is, that armed officers turning up unannounced clearly brings unwanted attention to the FAC holder, and no-where within anything that I have read suggests that these checks must only be made by armed officers. Your FEO can make the inspection and if there's any issues, he has the power to remove firearms until such time as arrangements pass muster. As Matt suggests, unless a warrant has been issued, you have the right to refuse access and ask for written notice of a randomly chosen inspection. Random, in this instance, means that FAC holders may be randomly picked out, but turning up unannounced is likely to result in a "please come back later" response if it is inconvenient to you at that time.
  17. What are you on? Can you read? You clearly have trouble spelling. No-one has "landed me in it" as you put it and there's nothing malicious about providing HO guidelines to clarify what the guidelines are. Please keep your idle speculation to yourself. Yout post was uncalled for, overly aggressive and plain ignorant.
  18. Steve is one of the best , he sorted my friends barrel after it had been to said place - he put it right and sometimes can do it while you wait . But phone in advance --,, --he's not just a gunsmith ! specialist rifle services .
  19. Ok, I’ll take them, pm me payment method. Cheers!
  20. Longer is sometimes easier than shorter, but there’s always a way A longer barrel can fit all the way through the headstock, so you can put a spider on the breech end or receiver and clock both ends, failing that you would have to run it between centres if your bed is long enough Some Gunplumbers only know one way and stick rigidly to that, some like meself are flexible and will always try and find another way I am lucky enough to have a Truebore Alignment System with a Chuck on a gimble, but even then clamping a tapered barrel securely can be challenging Still, it can be done Dave T has already mentioned Steve Bowers at Specialist Rifle Services and he’s excellent
  21. What?? That's odd...they do long barrelled rifles...like 30" length. Odd??
  22. Hi, Before i purchase a new one, I was wondering if anyone has a Vortex Venom Holographic Red Dot Sight lying around they are not using? All the best Stea33
  23. Hi I would like the 100 Lapua brass please if still available. Steve.
  24. They should do, internal measurements are .4x.4. Shown with a .204 case that fits. Ben
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