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  2. Cleaning barrel

    Fair enough. When I get to this stage, I start by attacking the carbon first and then use a copper cleaner. Personally I use Sweets 7.62 soaked on a patch or two. That's never failed to shift the copper!
  3. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Checked my 155 tmks at the range today and found that the green bit where it joins the copper part is slighly wider than the copper body ,still performed well though . 155.5 bergers were the top performers today . see other post in favourite hand loads . got some berger 175 lrbt that came in the post this week so looking forward to trying these soon . Enjoy the weekend
  4. .308 home loads

    Just got back from Deerpark at Catterick today 10mph crosswind , rain then sun ie the usual mix . As before the Berger 155.5 were the best grouping 0.5 moa second best Amaxes , equal 3rd Lapua L and the Sierra TMK , lastly the Lapua scenars even though still at .75 moa . All seated at 2.85 COAL ,150 bullets down range -a great day . 50 bergers left over so reseated these to 2.825 to try next time .Forster die was set up for a zero point of 2.85 coal so was just a matter of turning the knob one turn down which seats 25 thou deeper and hey presto job done . Looking back on previous results the 155 amaxes were the previous best groups at < .5 moa when seated at 2.800 coal as per Hornady manual . All groups 5 shot and the ones that were very good kept going till had a ragged hole with 10 shots through .5 moa . only allowed 100m today so well happy . rifle now cleaned and chilling with a beer cheers all

    1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon is all you use, it doesn't shine the cases just softens the water so the detergent and pins can do their job better.
  6. Dyer bullets

    I used to jump these 25thou and they shot very very well
  7. Wilson 300wsm micrometer seater

    Looking for 300wsm wilson micrometer seater, if anyone has one they wish to part with or knows where has stock on the shelf. thanks phil
  8. Reloading data

    Hi Laurie I have changed the rs 62 Powder to rs 50 Can anyone give me a start and max load for a 6.5x47L with a 20inch barrel for nosler BT 120g using rs 50 thanks in advance ,
  9. Hi, Im selling a mind condition leupôld m5a2 6.5-20x50mm, 35mm tube. It has a big turret on top wich is lockable. Specs: Scope Weight: 30.9oz Scope Length: 14.5in Magnification Range: 6.5-20 Scope Objective Diameter: 50mm Scope Tube Size / Mount: 34mm Scope Turret Adjustment: .1mil auto-locking push-button elevation adjustment Reticle Position: First Focal Plane TMR Field of View: 14.30ft@100yds (low mag) 5.50ft@100yds (high mag) Eye Relief: 4.4@lowX, 3.6@HighX Illuminated Reticle: No Scope Finish: matte black Price: 1850 £ incl shipping
  10. Hi, thanks for the pic. & the link .. the he pictures are the most useful as I can see what it's like to the eye.. i had a Rem varmint barrel & I have never been taken with it - looks wise , i like your idea of a parallel up to the swamp, and that's more the look I want to achieve . cheers pal.
  11. Barrel contour - Sassen barrels - pictures ?

    Try this link for barrel profiles http://www.truefliteriflebarrels.co.nz/Rifle-Barrels/Barrel-contours.asp Regards JCS
  12. Why not Remington Varmint which is a common Sassen profile? Its 20mm at the muzzle and at 22" isn't heavy. I profile a lot of my own blanks and this one is popular below, again its 20mm at the muzzle but running parallel until the swamp, (the Rem Varmint tapers towards the swamp so is heavier) it save a little weight over a Rem Varmint but still gives a decent amount of material around the crown to allow for larger moderator threads if required. It will also hold its accuracy for a few more shots before any heat induced wandering occurs that is more common with thin sporter profiles. Alternatively deal with someone who can profile the barrel to fit your stock the way you want it to.
  13. Twist rate

    Nick-very basically,for any given calibre,as bullets increase in weight (length),they need a faster twist to stabilise-Varm gives some 'why' detail-there is 'tolerance' to some extent-generally this is better going lighter-the faster twists will be ok (if not quite ideal) with lighter bullets,but the slower twists just won't work with heavier bullets. If you just want to see what bullet weights 'need' particular twists,then either the Berger Stability calculator...or the advice on Accurate Shooter (223 cartridge).
  14. Hi, hopefully someone can help me, i am looking to rebarrel a 223 Rem 700, and I can't make up my mind as to what barrel contour will serve my purpose. i want to end up at either 22" or 24" and I want something that is not to heavy to carry, but not as thin as a standard sporter. i have been looking at there S5 Mauser medium sporter, or there S6 Mauser Heavy Sporter Have any of you guys got one of these ? do any of you have pictures of these ? I would really appreciate your help thanks al.

    Citric acid does the job. Easily available via Amazon.

    Thanks for the information lads I will give them ago cheers for the help ☺
  17. Dyer bullets

    Thank you both. Appreciate the input! Now back to the cave! JohnG
  18. shehane or 284W

    1 in 9 bartlein. Everything I tested in my 284 shot superbly.56.5 to 56.7grs of N165. I did try 57grs but no real gain so I run on 56.5grs now.180gr hybrids go about 2815fps. 57.5grs launches the 162gr amax about 2875fps I think.i have it written down but not at hand
  19. Chronograph wanted

    Has anyone got a decent chronograph in great condition laying around they want to sell? Regards Neil.
  20. shehane or 284W

    1:8 for me.
  21. Varminting in Australia

    To gut the rabbit , used a Gerber vital , folding knife uses detachable blades like a Havalon , but cheaper & betterer , for the heavy work a Finnish puukoo , the one with the molded handle . Both awesome bits of kit .
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