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  2. Martin52

    VFG Paste Users - Effective Carbon Remover ?

    pics to be updated
  3. Handbrake

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    Thanks, Kipper can you send me any contact details, email website etc .?
  4. Handbrake

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    Thanks for that - I have already been in contact with Vince Bottomley but had to postpone my trip until February or March this year. I’ Make contact again when I have booked flights and will probably fly into Manchester and see Diggle on the way down to the Mexicans.
  5. As it happens I am in the same boat as I want to add a .223 to my ticket which only has ,22 rimmy and hmr on it at the moment and my ticket is open. I intend contacting my area licensing office which for North Lincs is in hull (Humberside) and asking if the named farm that I have for my past applications. If not, I assume I either apply to see if that land can be accepted or I go to one of the other farms where I think they have been cleared for centre fire. So Monday we will find out.... Phil
  6. philpot

    Eley Cartridges

    I have been shooting Eley Superbs on clays for years with no issues at all but I don't use pigeon / game cartridges from Eley as they are a bit too pricey so I wonder if there is a difference with the primers used. Phil
  7. philpot

    What scope for a Pard 007

    New to the site but I have a bit of info regarding the 007 and is that it seems the better the scope, the worse the performance because of the scope coating. I cannot verify this aspect as I do not own one but have heard from aomeone who did have one. I am waiting for my rfd to get some in then we are going to test them with a few differentt scopes to see if performance is enhanced in some scopes over others. Phil
  8. Yesterday
  9. colin jalland

    Lyman 1200 dps 3

    how old is it?
  10. The Gun Pimp

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    If you are interested in Diggle (10 miles NE of Manchester) we shoot TR/F Class twice per month at all distances from 300 to 1000 yds using electronic targets. No SSC needed. PM me (Membership Sec) if you want more info.
  11. Are the .224 55g Sierra number 1455??
  12. bobthenailer

    Trijicon Red Dot

    I would also consider any European scope with similar value (cash adjusted) prefer illuminated but not essential for PX/Trade.Kind regards,Bob.
  13. Nocrimp

    TargetMaster Trickler

    I have one.... PM me for details.
  14. Kipper

    Recommendation for most accessible range/s

    My club is located in Fife and shoots at 500yrds on electronic targets
  15. Fired 8 times and just annealed ok for practice 103 in total £25 posted
  16. .260 Remington Redding 2 die set FL & seating series A very good condition £35 inc post
  17. Lukas_K

    TargetMaster Trickler

    Looking for a TargetMaster Trickler unit if anybody stopped using theirs. Cheers, Lukas
  18. Only on the Vipers The Crossfire 6-24 is now sold
  19. Only one Remington stock left Yes they do fit the T1
  20. Am I right in thinking these also fit the Tikka T1x as well. Phil
  21. Does the prices include P&P
  22. Richiew

    Berger 175 lent or OTM

    Hi all A very windy day at Whitfell 6K wind coming from left and behind at 7 o’clock ish but the 185 juggernaut s performed great . 44.5 grains. N150 , coal 2.9” , cbto 2.236 “ . Ever so slightly compressed load ie sometimes a little crunch when at the top of the stroke on the press but if the case was tapped a few times to settle the powder all was good with no crunch . Will chrono them next time . Thanks to all the replies especially Panda . We now have another favourite load five shots in the photo could have done much better if we weren’t getting blown about so much . Cheers
  23. Reluctantly I have decided to sell my rifle. Limited use and a change of work situation being the major factors in the decision.The rifle is the stainless model, with 24" inch barrel and adjustable cheek piece. It was purchased for hunting only and has never been used for range work. Consequently the shot count is low. 250 at most. The rifle was purchased last year and is in mint condition - I am the second owner.Attached to the rifle is a calibre-specific Wildcat Evolution. This was purchased at the same time as the rifle, so the shot count is the same.Asking price for the setup is £1150. Includes 96 factory rounds. Excludes the leupold mk4 scope which will sell separately.
  24. As per the title please.
  25. Sold to Ubique. Thank you.
  26. As per the title, £40 for 100 once fired cases posted. No multiples available only the 100 for sale. Being Hornady, it’s Large primer pockets. Any questions just ask.
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