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  2. Nice shooting. This reminds me of the shooting we do here in my locale. I think there was a bit more wind out there than you gave credit for! A standard US gallon milk jug is roughly 6" x 9" on the side. Our small plate is 7x9 inches out to 800 yards. We have several 'ranges' over which we shoot out to 1700 yards and the bullet must traverse many geographical irregularities with the accompanying shifting winds, before it gets to the target. You'd have serious fun joining us for a day. You'd fit right in.~Andrew
  3. Yesterday
  4. Scope Calibration

    I'm pretty sure I've never seen your name amongst the 100+ entries we see every month, so I'd suggest you don't comment on something you have no knowledge about
  5. Bullet pointing

    Ah well - that's the skill bit. The only gauge is your eye!
  6. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    That's useful - AMP will be at the Shot Show so we might find out soon. I'll see them at IWA in February - hopefully the upgrade will be available by then.
  7. Barnes TTSX

    Now sold Thanks Steve.
  8. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    This will be a great benefit to AMP owners, I wonder how much they will shaft us for the upgrade though?
  9. Hi, I’m thinking of selling my Remington 700 XCR Tac 300 Win Mag and Scope. the Rifle has only done around 170 rounds and is fitted into a Bell and Carlson A5 adjustable stock and has had the trigger tuned to around 2lb, it has a large bolt knob and a Wildcat predator 8 sound mod that’s only had about 45 rounds through it. The Scope is a mint condition Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 4.5-27x56 and it has Vortex defender flip up caps and has the box. I haven’t really 100% decided to part with it all but will for the right offer.
  10. No problem, have added an additional photo I had, just needed to reduce the sizes down.
  11. Sold to the man above pending usual
  12. browning buckmark

    bump still for sale Simon.
  13. Any more pictures, very interested
  14. Aim drag bag multicam 55" (small cut on the inside material about 1inch long otherwise excellent condition) - £115 posted Advertised elsewhere
  15. Hi For sale 6 x 42 Leupold Matt duplex ret great condition no marks or scratches glass perfect original box and paperwork £150 plus p&ppics on request thanks Simon
  16. I like a 20 moa rail and a decent set of rings mounting the glass as low as I can but have no issue with optilocks. The 20 MOA gives the impression that the rifle shoots flatter allowing more elevation as it slopes the scope down towards the front. This in effect allows zero at lower elevation. Don't worry about the rifle. I'm sure you'll be delighted. Using GGG surplus (62g) mine was shooting well sub moa at 300m on sat. 👍 I've not heard of aT3 that doesn't shoot straight. Not even in my hands. 😃
  17. Hi guys, I'll give this a bump to the top. I'm open to sensible offers, as it's only 6 months old, had a few boxes through it and is run in - a bargain from a new price, so feel free to get in touch.
  18. Bullet pointing

    What size do the meplat need to be pointed too.what can I use as a gauge
  19. 85 heads in total? I’ve a box of hornady 58 vmax (100).243 if you’d like to swap john
  20. AICS mags

    I think the sites called riflemags.co.uk around £80
  21. Barrels

    They are barrel blanks, not chamebered. So not technically barrels. No FAC required, and you'll need a gunplumber to chamber and thread it for your rifle. You can buy chambered barrels, but they'd need to go on your FAC.
  22. Barrels

    You can if they aren't chambered....or threaded in some cases Basically you can buy an unfinished blank....which is what these are
  23. Barrels

    Excuse what may appear an ignorant question. Can you buy rifle barrels without an FAC.? I saw this advert which prompted me asking
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