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  2. Were I to build an ELR rifle I’d choose a solid action no need for magazines
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  4. Michal, I suggest giving HPS-TR a call. Matt regularly ships to mainland Europe.
  5. You don’t need to have 5.56 on your ticket .223 will cover this gun.
  6. There is not much need to be able to shoot ‘Mag Length’ as far as I can see, so whilst magazine feeding might be attractive it’s not really necessary.
  7. Unfamiliar with the length of DTA mags, but before you go .338LM route, double check how long you’ll be able to load your bullets. You don’t want a short mag length forcing you to seat those long bullets (the 300g are long) deep into the powder column. Seating 300g bullets out of the powder column when using non CIP length mags was one of the key design considerations of the .338NM & .300NM.
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  9. ejg223

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Hope we get to see some pictures of the event. Good Luck edi
  10. John MH

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Have fun, am out of country so cannot make this one.
  11. .338 Lap Mag for my vote. However I will be happy to have a go of your .300 Norman if you swing that way.
  12. Ronin

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    You will both be fine - I’m going too ! at least a few others are going from the site hope it stays fine
  13. srvet

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    I will be there with my son, looking forward to it but we are both total newbies to this so I am hoping to fulfil my very low expectations of myself!!
  14. .338 lapua ...anything less is Gay 🙂🇬🇧
  15. Come on, bald monkeys. Back on topic. .338" or .300" Norma Magnum ?

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Looking forward to round 2 of the Precision Rifle League this weekend. (25-26 May) at the Gardner’s Guns Challenge. Who else is going ?
  17. Looking to swap or sell my 7mm Rem Mag Barreled Action. Stainless Steel finish, Fluted Bolt and 20 MOA integral rail. Barrel is a 32" Bartlein , 1" profile and used in Fclass comps. Round count 1300. The trigger is a Jewell with no safety. PM for pics. Would swap for a short/medium action of similar quality. £1350
  18. Chris-NZ

    284 dies etc

    Value wise, a Wilson FL bushing die for sizing and a Forster sleeved seating die would be your best bet. I have various Redding full Comp sets and they offer nothing more than these other than higher price.
  19. Brillo

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    Another key point about the stock is to go for standard F TR forend. A friend reminded me about this. Many of us have found that the long forend is prone to torquing and the shorter one avoids this.
  20. Brillo

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    As above. The Berger 210s and 185s will work in a 10 twist. Your best bet is to talk to Mik. He’ll guide in the right direction. Like all smiths I know, they want a happy customer. Just bear in mind there’s no such thing as a throat for everything, but if you throat it for the 200 hybrid it will shoot the 20X, 185 Juggernauts and both the 210 SMK and Berger, but not the SMK #2231.
  21. Montey

    Get your Crow License here....

    Ok watch field sports Britain out yesterday on YouTube you don't have to watch the whole program go to the section on General licensing There you wil hear from Ms Spain who makes it clear that section 4 defence allows you to act to protect animals or crops how ever it is a defence NOT a license. Two points re yesterday's program the RSPB want to control all bird shooting! The MP chairing the committee is obviously switched on and it's good to watch the very top people in NE being held to account he's having none of it. Makes you think there's hope yet!
  22. EOk mate, no problem I’ll stick it in the car for Wednesday. we’ll be on short Siberia shooting 100yds in the AM then Stickledown @ 1000yds in the PM. cheers
  23. Odd question, but what size are the legs that slot into the target frame in the range butts please, 2"x2" pehaps
  24. hi Ballistol should this not sell i would take this please cheers Dave
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