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  2. ghillie.art.design

    S&b PMII FFP 5-25x56 mrad scope NEW

    The buyer prommised me to pay but didnt so still for sale
  3. visiter1

    Mod covers

    just a quick note to say i got my one last monday and am blown away by the quility and the service i got il deff be getting more in future cheers
  4. Scooby-93

    Rpa action

    Thanks I’ve already emailed them but not had a reply yet, I’ll give them a ring by end of the week if I haven’t heard anything
  5. Today
  6. As a matter of interest, what sort of brass life are you getting at these higher pressures? I'm on my fifth reload at the moment. I anneal every time Gluv
  7. silent_varmintor

    Mod covers

  8. 6.5shooter

    Rpa action

    Staffordshire synthetics make the stocks for RPA. Give Danny a call
  9. I’m looking at getting either a quadlock or quadlite action in single shot for my 6.5 build still undecided on which calibre - probably 260 or 6.5-284 i understand the quadlite can be fitted into Remington sa stocks but require a little work? Does anyone know if there are any off the shelve stocks available for the quadlite and also who manufacture/importer then? the gun is going To be used for long range work so a sporter style stock is out of the question
  10. cheshirelad

    Schmidt PMII Ultrashort

    Thanks, I've seen that one, just seeing what else is out there.
  11. Totally useless contraption. It takes longer to remove the rectum from the device than it does to gralloch the deer. I used to cull deer as part of a team and we'd take 30-40 a week, any supposed time saving devices like this were discussed and tested. this one was discarded after first session.
  12. Andrew


    Really, about any load from a reputable loading manual will be good in the triple deuce. It's hard to find an IN accurate load if they are well assembled. I have used IMR 4198, RL7, H4895 and many others. I had a friend who claimed that he had a huge quantity of surplus IMR4350 that he loaded in his deuce to win local 100 yard BR matches back in the early 60's.~Andrew
  13. he Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 was specifically designed for long-range, F-class, and other competition shooters. The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 comes with a 4x optical zoom, side focus, generous eye relief, and ruggedly constructed single-piece 30mm main tube, will ensure you’re ready for your next match.Competitive shooters require a very specific set of features to stay ahead of the competition, and The Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 hits the mark (pun intended). The 15-60x magnification, fine reticle, and positive and repeatable tracking are perfect for fine tuning that record shot. Plus, its relatively light weight—29.5 oz.—allows shooters to adhere to strict competition weight limits. Whether you’re interested in Rimfire Bench Rest, Centerfire Bench Rest, NRA High-Power or F-Class competitions, the Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60×52 is for you. in as new condition 1300 GBP posted to your door.
  14. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Ha ha ha! Classic, now that is rare!
  15. snaggletooth


    Those green circles ar 1/2". Best 3 shot group.............. 0.11" centre to centre
  16. Yesterday
  17. snaggletooth


    I'm using Reloder 10x at the minute. I had been shooting 40gr Blitkings over 22.2gr, and was getting 1/2" groups. Also tried some 30gr Barnes varmint grenades and was getting similar accuracy from them. But my favourite load, which I've worked up over the last few days is........ 50gr Sierra Blitz #1340, cci primers, 20.5 RL10x, seated at SAAMI spec is absolutely lethal
  18. Hey folks. I'm after the above off there are any about?
  19. No i deer

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    The blast from the 50 cal brake is herendous.well done Darrel. I wondered why your name wasn't at the top of the last 1000yds benchrest results 😉. It gave somebody else a chance of winning I guess 😜 Watch your eye on the recoil 🤣
  20. GT3_richy


    Seen quite a few posts on bookface re. the app not working on iphones/pads. Mine was disconnecting randomly every few minutes and the last time I was out just refused to connect at all so I've reverted to pushing buttons. The apps a bit clunky I think.
  21. GT3_richy

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Dunno if this is the chap; https://youtu.be/OQvt-gxbq5E Badger tongue...yum.
  22. foxing2night

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    Is a 50cal not alowd in the Diggle, it has got a nice muzzle brack on it 😂😂🇪🇭
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